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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Are We First or Screwed?


I read an interesting article about our universe and beyond. More stars float through space than grains of sand resting on our beaches; and, many of those stars have planets circulating with atmospheres like ours--at least 100,000 earth like worlds. Keeping that in mind, life must exist on other planets. So, the big question is, why have they not made

their presence known? The article went on 
with multiple theories to answer that question.

Perhaps we could be first, in that we're the most advanced in technology. Ha! I doubt that one. The earth is a relatively young planet. Intelligent life somewhere else would have had billions more years to advance further than us. 

One thought is the existence of an advancement filter that sets things up so that the other beings would not bother us when we're so primitive. For example, would you go introduce yourself to ants on an anthill. Why waste your time? However, as we get further advanced, we get closer to the filter. Once we reach it, others in the universe will wipe us out so that we are no longer a threat to them . . .  that is if we don't do that to ourselves first.

If alien beings exist, why do we send out signals to try to find them? Is this what we want? Is there value in meeting aliens who might want to kill us? We should bring these silly space recordings home and let sleeping dogs lie. 

Perhaps aliens have already found us. Have you ever thought that God could be an alien who has been keeping us safe from the others as if we are his pets?

So happy new year. We've made it through another twelve months without drawing attention to the aliens beyond our planet. Maybe one day we'll get too advanced and they'll kill us, but until that time:


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Writer's Post: Out With The Old & In With The New

I love Back to the Future movies. Remember when Doc Brown visited thirty years into the future - 2015 - three years from now? He got a total blood and cell replacement and looked just like the Doc Brown of 1985. I'm still searching for that transplant clinic, along with those hover boards, so I can be out with the old and in with the new.

Back to the Future II
Instead, I look thirty years older than I did in 1982... and so does Christopher Lloyd. So if we can't throw out our tired bodies and get new ones, what are we supposed to do? Yeah, I know diet and exercise. I could grow flowers with that broken promise.

Sometimes old is special. After all, I was sorry to see my old dog die, even though I am now in love with an energetic young one. I have my favorite old coffee mugs, and I like old jeans rather than buying new ones made to look old. Why must we always say, "Out with the old and in with the new" come New Year's? Can't we just cuddle up in our old pjs with our old dogs on our saggy laps?

Besides, who says new is better? I have old kids and I'd keep them over your crying infants any day of the week! So out with the old and in with the new– :p. Unless you can find me Doc Brown's blood and cell transfer clinic, I'm not interested.