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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Blogging Lounge Photo Prompt: Rock Star

From the first time I strummed my Lil Tykes guitar, I knew I wanted to be a rock star, and it didn't end there. Come elementary school, the neighborhood kids and me formed our band in the front yard. We banged pots, pans, and anything else to make our music. From there, we played high school gigs and  dressed our way to fame.

Kids love our hair dye job. Each one of us has a unique color and style that makes an awesome rainbow when we get together. Ty's balloon shaped hair glows as red as Ronald the clown, while Keifer goes for neon blue feathers. Suse shines yellow sunbeams, while I grow the green leafy look. It came in handy today.

The old saying, "Watch what you wish for" is true. I wanted to be a star. Each night, I dreamed of being swooned over by an audience. But, no one told me how nuts our fan base would be. 

See, after we left stage this morning, a group of loose screws chased our limo. The driver swerved, we hit a wall, and the fans tore our doors off. 

All I could do was run. I headed to a nearby farm and ducked into this old wheelbarrow. As I hide in here, everyone will think my hair is a plant. I just hope those druggies don't pull out my locks and try to smoke me. 

Hey, Hey, I don't want to be a pop star!

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