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Friday, September 9, 2011

Writer's Post: It's About Time

Many folks fuss about how they never have enough time; and if they only had more, they'd _(fill in the blank)_. But in reality, we've met people who have plenty of time, and here's a break down of who they are.

The Hypochondriac

With massive amounts of time, this person frequently visits Dr. Google to learn about obscure illnesses they'll never getNext, they pop pills and revisit Dr. Google to figure out how to treat these diseases. Who needs real doctors to tell you you're well when you have Dr. Google around?

The Binger

When faced with nothing better to do, one will snack until the body looks like the hippo at the zoo. Then they'll find themselves running behind the fit runners just like a character from the stampede scene in "Jumanji."

The Shopper

When my mother–of blessed memory–grew old, she'd fill her time cruising the shopping malls only to return her purchases the next day. Hey! It gave her something to do.

The Pest

When busy, we don't notice little annoyances or choose not to address them because we don't have time; but in reality, most of these "problems" don't need attention. However, children certainly need an adult to hover over them and make sure they grow up  right. After all, why should they be left to solve their own problems when they have a perfectly bored mother? Mrs. Fix It will lend an overbearing hand to help everyone with their problems.

So in conclusion, I have all the time I need. With more, I'm sure I'd be 100% annoying instead of mildly obnoxious.

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