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Monday, April 7, 2014

#AtoZ : G is for Gadget Breakage Problem

My son claims I got mad and ripped the handle off the microwave. If that's the
case, I guess I tore the knob off the refrigerator, too. I also yanked the cord on the vacuum cleaner and broke it. Now, I have an excuse for not vacuuming. Furthermore, late one night, I climbed up on our roof, jumped up and down, and put holes in it. Not to mention the leaking faucet. I shouldn't have forced my fist down the pipe.

I've got to learn to control my gadget breakage problem. On the upside, or down depending on how one looks at it, we replaced the vacuum cleaner, today. Time to pick up dog hairs.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Writer's Post: Holiday Traditions

Ever wonder what Jews do on Christmas? Years ago we escaped to Cancuun, but unfortunately this didn't become our holiday tradition. After all, traditions must happen yearly.

Then there were the years we dined on Chinese food, since these are the only restaurants open on Christmas Eve. This too did not become our holiday tradition because we don't do this consistently every year.

Starry Nights
If tradition means doing something annually, it looks like we've found one. For the past three years or so, we've spent Christmas Eve freezing our butts off working the Christmas light show at Shelby Farms. Although we're in the south where one can wear T-Shirts in early December, something happens around December 24th as the temperature drops that one night we're working outside. It's our own slice of h*ll, but it's only fair since we don't have to lug heavy trees into our dens or risk our lives on ladders while hanging Christmas lights.

We have our own holiday that doesn't ask for much: Hannukkah, Channuka, Hanukkah, Chanukah. We celebrate the miracle of one bottle of oil lasting eight days. I have Crisco in my pantry that's lasted anywhere from eight months to eight years. Maybe we should celebrate it too... or throw it out. Actually, the oil might be one of the younger items in our closet. Which reminds me of my mother.

Mom had a lonely pickle in a jar sleeping in the back of our fridge for years.  My friends and I used to entertain ourselves by going through her refrigerator and laughing at the mold. Who knows? Maybe something in her fridge was from the holidays.