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My humorous thoughts about life.

"My Humorous Thoughts About Life & Teaching"
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Showing posts with label schools out. Show all posts

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day of School

Tomorrow is the last day of school, so I figured I'd share what's in my head.

Bleg bleggy bleg ah no no KIDS

razma googoo bugabear TECHNOLOGY

stacka tracka mu mu QUIET

ble ble ble pffffft. 

  . . . OR READ 
    . . . OR SPELL
       . . . OR THINK 
        . . . OR EXPERIMENT
           . . . OR ESPECIALLY WRITE IEPS.
Unintelligibgibly am I,

If you're a teacher, stop by Teacher's Pay Teachers and pick up my "Tired Teachers' " Logic Problem. It's good for a few laughs while challenging your students. Plus, I wrote it before I totally lost my mind.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Joy Oh Joy

Joy oh joy!

It's May, and the last day of school is closing in. Not that May is a picnic. Kids want summer to begin and their behavior shows it. However, I just heard that the world is going to end on Saturday. That would be a bummer because I wouldn't get my summer vacation, so the world can't end just yet.

As for summer plans, I haven't got any. I'll just enjoy sleeping late, writing, blogging, and maybe even sending out those queries. Eventually I'll clean my house. I may even remove the cobwebs from that stack of books waiting to be read. If I don't want to get dressed until noon, so be it.

I will also attend teacher sessions to get a jump on those required during the year. If any of them offer pay, I'm all over it.

Joy oh joy! It's my favorite time of year!