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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silly Sunday: Vending Machines

Here's a link if you want to join Rhonda's Silly Sunday: Laugh Quotes

A Texas salesman checked into a futuristic hotel in Tokyo Japan ..

Realizing he needed a haircut before the next day's meeting, he called down to the desk clerk to ask if there was a barber on the premises.

'I'm afraid not, sir,' the clerk told him apologetically, 'but down the hall from your room is a vending machine that should serve your purposes.'
Skeptical but intrigued, the salesman located the machine, inserted $15.00, and stuck his head into the opening, at which time the machine started to buzz and whirl. Fifteen seconds later the salesman pulled out his head and surveyed his reflection, which reflected the best haircut of his life.

Two feet away was another machine with a sign that read, 'Manicures, $20.00'.

'Why not?' thought the salesman. He paid the money, inserted his hands into the slot, and the machine started to buzz and whirl. Fifteen seconds later he pulled out his hands and they were perfectly manicured.

The next machine had a sign that read, 'This Machine Provides a Service Men Need When Away from Their Wives, 50 Cents.'

The salesman looked both ways, put fifty cents in the machine, unzipped his fly, and with some anticipation, stuck his manhood into the opening. When the machine started buzzing, the guy let out a shriek of agony and almost passed out. Fifteen seconds later it shut off..

With trembling hands, the salesman was able to withdraw his tender unit........ which now had a button sewn neatly on the end..


Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

LOL - Poor guy. What did he expect for 50c?
Thanks for linking up!

Precy Larkins said...

Oh my...! ROFLOL!!

Claudia Moser said...

Oh dear :( but funny!

stevebethere said...

LMAO! loved it, I had a picture of each section in my mind step by step as I was reading it LOL

Have a great Sunday Joyce :-0

shelly said...

What was the guy thinking? Hmmm...he was letting his other head think for him I guess.

Sandee said...

Bwahahahahaha. Well it was worth a try. Bwahahahaha.

Have a terrific Silly Sunday. :)

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loved it, I had a picture of each section in my mind step by step as I was reading it.hahha

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