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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Writer's Post: Walking Away

Walking away is normally not tough; but tonight, I just don't think I can manage it. See, several weeks ago, I think I did something to my leg in Mr. Mario's elementary school running group. The PE teacher had us hopping over cones. This is easy peasy for nine and ten year olds but not for old ladies like me. After that workout, the area behind my knee started to ache.

Mr. Mario said, "It sounds like your hamstring."
I told him, "Can't be. I'm Jewish, and Jews don't eat ham."
He didn't buy it.

I've lived with mild pain for almost a month, but it hasn't been too bad; so I've continued running. Sometimes it hurts when I start, other times when I'm in motion, but always after a good run. On Saturday, I ran five miles and felt it after mile four.

Today Mr. Mario had us sprinting the length and width of a soccer field then resting for a minute and a half before going at it again. Turns out some of those little turkeys have been making fun of my great running talent. They must be jealous because I am consistently last, and they haven't learned how to be consistent runners.

It's okay. I have tough skin, but my porkstring, not so much. I guess instead of walking away, I'll have to limp… and you expected a deeply emotional post about "Walking Away?" Pffft.

 Lashana Tova to all my Jewish friends. I'll be out of commission (and the refrigerator) for a good part of the week-end, so I'll catch you later.


Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

LOL... Good one!

Rhonda Albom said...

La Shana Tova to you. Sorry to hear about your knee. Glad to see you put it too good use - as a blog topic.

Traveling Bells said...

Who knew a hamstring could be good blog fodder?:) It's A-OK to be last. Everybody's gotta be somewhere...

Jo said...

Love it! Being consistently last means you also consistently finish. A vital part of any activity. Good on ya girlfriend. Might need to rest that knee while your porkstring heals a bit.

Unknown said...

Great blog!! Sorry to hear about your hamstring. Hope it feels better soon!!


Anonymous said...

If it keeps bothering you, you really should see a doctor about it. Bad knees are not good at all.

Angie said...

Haha! Love it! I limp away too, but it's my feet, not my knees.

Binky said...

Poor hamstrings never get the respect they deserve.

Paula Martin said...

What a great take on the topic! Hope your knee soon recovers!

Gwen Gardner said...

Oh, oh! *jumps up and down raising hand* I'm consistent, too!