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Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Driver

During the late 1970s, I prepared for my driver's license, but not nearly enough. My first time out alone with the car, I had an accident. I hit a parked car in a snowy parking lot. Looking back, I didn't have a clear understanding of how cars worked, probably from not enough hours behind the wheel. 

This was not the case with my kids. As soon as they received their learner's permits, they spent a year as the family chauffeur. This meant that wherever we went, the kid with the learner's permit did the driving. By the time they received their licenses, they were all expert drivers and I could relax.

I hope Jillian's parents will let her be the chauffeur of their family. Since she's not yet a pro, enjoy this clip. My former student is hysterical behind a wheel. At least she's now in a different city. Love the kid, but don't think I want to be around as she learns how to drive.

Isn't she cute? Scary but cute.


Rhonda Albom said...

My daughter doesn't even want to get her learns yet. Too bad, I would love to have the chauffeur for a year.

stevebethere said...

LOL hilarious I really hope she improves mind you she would make a great dodgem car driver heheh!

Have a Happy 4th July Joyce ;-)

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Nightmare! :) Anyone teaching this young lady needs the patience of Job.
Blessings, Joyce, and safe driving!

An Apel a Day said...

That's a great idea to have them drive a lot. I was a horrible driver when I first started. I opted not to get my license until I was 17.

mail4rosey said...

Learning to drive can be a little bit scary. Practice is def. a must. :)

Happy 4th to you!!!

Binky said...

Oh my. This is what large empty parking lots are for!

Unknown said...

My sister doesn't want to learn, but I can't wait. I'll probably be like your old student though.