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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inside Out

Anger, Fear, Joy, Bing Bong, Sadness, & Disgust

Have you seen Pixar's adorable movie, Inside Out? It's about the emotions inside Riley's head and how these characters work to help her to deal with her problems of moving to a new city. However, the story also has a double plot when two emotions, Joy and Sadness, get lost.


I like Riley, the cute little girl on the left because she breaks female stereotypes by playing hockey. 

The paintings you see of these characters will be going in my classroom, next month. As a CLUE teacher, I am required to have characters in my classroom to support the various CLUE strategies. Each character will have a cute, little saying to go along with them. Riley represents RESEARCH because she likes to research hockey.

I've also used these characters to make products for Teachers Pay Teachers. Disney is ticky about selling their images and will sue for copy right violations, so I couldn't use those pictures. However, my daughter, son's girl friend, and I drew these pictures. Although they resemble the characters, they are not perfect.

Here are my TPT products about Inside Out:

Inside Out: A Logic Problem From the Latest Pixar Movie

Inside Out Sudoku Puzzle

Each of these products sells for only $1.

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Rhonda Albom said...

I hadn't heard of the movie yet, but sometimes we are quite late in getting new releases, not always though. What does CLUE stand for?

mail4rosey said...

You guys did a good job w/the drawing. We saw that movie. It was cute. :)

Catch My Words said...

Creative Learning in a Unique Environment

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Very cool and very creative, Joyce! I'm sure your students will love these.

Binky said...

The movie has gotten very good reviews and sounds worth seeing.

messymimi said...

These are the kind of characters that the children will relate to! It never ceases to amaze me how you come up with these ideas to inspire students.