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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Six Sentence Word Story & Teaching Items for Winter

"Holy Plow, Batman!" The dynamic duo dashed downtown to avert the incoming wrath of the nation's news gathering snow storm. It had destroyed places throughout the country and was now knocking on the doors of Memphis, a southern city that owned only six snow plows. 

Using a wrist band borrowed from none other than Buzz Lightyear, Batman zapped the clouds with a stream of mystery matter. Big mistake! The fluffy whites disintegrated into a never-ending stream of white powder that spilled out like a broken pipe without a plumber in sight.

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Also, look at these cool winter resources! (Pun intended)

Winter Logic Puzzles

You want to challenge your gifted and talented students, but the logic puzzles you find are too easy. Find four difficult puzzles in this winter packet that are easy to print and go or share for distance learning. Students will love being challenged with these puzzles, but be warned, these puzzles are not easy due to multiple hints in each clue. Students will have to use reasoning to conclude what is not directly stated. Ie., these are not for the beginner.

Winter Primary Activities

The holidays are over and your kids need something to pick up the winter months, so why not add fun to your class with this Primary Winter Activities Bundle? Your students will have fun while being challenged with these winter worksheets that can be printed or used digitally for distance learning.

Find A plethora of winter resources here!

Winter activities for teachers in elementary schools.

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This post is for the Six Sentence Story hop from Girlie on the Edge's Blog.


messymimi said...

Oops! Fun use of the prompt.

Sillyfrog said...

Super cool! Nice job!

GirlieOnTheEdge said...

Fun Six. Great opener. I was hoping there'd be a Six using the prompt word in that context :D

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the "mystery matter" and the rhyme in "broken pipe without a plumber in sight".

Chris (sa) said...

I love this! (Big old-school Batman fan)

clark said...

I'm with the others... a fun take on the prompt and an effective diversion from the reality of frozen water and slippery road surfaces.

Laura McHarrie said...

Brilliant - that cheered me up after weeping over Denise's 6

Pat B said...

Love this humorous SSS! Easy to visualize this.

Ford, TVTA said...

Fun Six! Dynamic Duos, Buzz Lightyear and broken pipes!

Lisa Tomey said...

Smiling at this fun six!