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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The A - Z Challenge

Hurry. Hurry. Post each day.
We post each day until it's May.

I done it once,
I done it twice,
I definitely have done it thrice.

Maybe I've even done it four.
It's got me shouting, "No more! No more!"

It's not that A to Z isn't fun.
It's a game to be played by everyone.

However, now that I've had my fun each year.
The time has come to make it clear . . .

I'm done.

It's hard to believe on my first year,
Daily April posting was so dear.
I had so much fun that I must say,
I posted Z - A in May.

I guess I'm getting older, folks.
Not enough time to read your jokes.
To not visit another blog,
makes me feel like an A-Z hog.

So my mind's made up on this day,
I'm through with this April game to play.

If next year I should sign the list,