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Friday, April 6, 2012

#AtoZ : For You Son

 Today, April 6, is my son's twenty-fourth birthday. Happy birthday, kid. He may be a grown man but he's still a kid to me. Especially when he does goofy things like his mustachio bashio for St. Patrick's Day.

Or this photo of him goofing off in the department store.

May he always keep his childlike nature... like  keep it away from his sisters!

Here's a repost of a great clip of his. Too bad it happened during "No Shave November."

If you want to know why he is called Wilberfoss, here's a link. 
from my last year's W post.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wilberfoss #AtoZ

No. My son's name is not really Wilberfoss. At least that's not the name we gave him at birth.

Not his Birth Name/ Not his Actual Photo
It all started when Facebook circulated a "Rate Your Parents" app that was good for a few laughs. By clicking the allow button, Facebook would analyze your name, tally how many folks from the year you were born were given the same name, and give your parents a score (A-F) on how creative they were in the naming process. So Daniel, the child with the eighth most popular name from the year he was born, decided to rate his parents, AKA us.

Next I knew, he participated then sent me a Facebook message, "Mama! You got an F."

I replied, "Studies show that kids with more common names are better accepted in society."

"Studies show you got an F."

Fine. Daniel wants a creative name, I'd find him one. I searched name sites to see what I could discover. Then I added my own unique twist to the name "Wilbur." Viola, Wilberfoss!

"You want a creative name. Okay, son. From now on your name is Wilberfoss."

Daniel, err Wilberfoss, changed his Facebook name and we received an A+! All would be great except Facebook refused to allow him to change his name back to Daniel. So, almost two years later, my son is still named Wilberfoss. Even some of his friends have started to call him by that A+ name.

That should teach him to complain.

Tune in tomorrow for the letter X. Now what am I supposed to do with the letter X?