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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wilberfoss #AtoZ

No. My son's name is not really Wilberfoss. At least that's not the name we gave him at birth.

Not his Birth Name/ Not his Actual Photo
It all started when Facebook circulated a "Rate Your Parents" app that was good for a few laughs. By clicking the allow button, Facebook would analyze your name, tally how many folks from the year you were born were given the same name, and give your parents a score (A-F) on how creative they were in the naming process. So Daniel, the child with the eighth most popular name from the year he was born, decided to rate his parents, AKA us.

Next I knew, he participated then sent me a Facebook message, "Mama! You got an F."

I replied, "Studies show that kids with more common names are better accepted in society."

"Studies show you got an F."

Fine. Daniel wants a creative name, I'd find him one. I searched name sites to see what I could discover. Then I added my own unique twist to the name "Wilbur." Viola, Wilberfoss!

"You want a creative name. Okay, son. From now on your name is Wilberfoss."

Daniel, err Wilberfoss, changed his Facebook name and we received an A+! All would be great except Facebook refused to allow him to change his name back to Daniel. So, almost two years later, my son is still named Wilberfoss. Even some of his friends have started to call him by that A+ name.

That should teach him to complain.

Tune in tomorrow for the letter X. Now what am I supposed to do with the letter X?


Darcia Helle said...

Too funny! Sticking Daniel with Wilberfoss is the perfect payback. One of my son's is Joseph, so I have no doubt I'd receive and F. I'd better warn him not to take that quiz or he'll be joining Wilberfoss in the A+ group!

Joyce Lansky said...

He's actually come to like the originality of it. Plus, for a young professional, it's not bad to have a Facebook name that only your friends can find.

Karen Walker said...

What a delightful post, Joyce. And thank you so much for your loving comment on my blog today. My son and I have a great relationship now, but it took a long time to get here.

Talli Roland said...

Wilberfoss! :) Serves him right indeed!

PAMO said...

Hahahaha!! So, so funny!
I love the name Daniel- I always have. That he now is known on Facebook as Wilberfoss is well, just so, so funny! I'm glad he is taking it all in stride because it certainly makes a great story.
What a great relationship you have!

What will you do with "x" indeed! Looking forward to it!

Joyce Lansky said...

Thanks, for all the comments! I've already set my letter X to post at 4:30 AM.

Craig Edwards said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I wanted to drop in and return the favor - funny post! Certainly a unique name! Terrific! Cheers!

Misha said...

Lol Wilburfoss is an awesome name. :-D

Rhonda the roommate said...

I love Wilburfoss! What a fabulous name for your son. And LOL that Facebook made him keep it.

nutschell said...

serves him right for giving you an F :P
Great meeting you through the A-Z!

Josie said...

A delightful story! I will definitely be stopping by for more. The world can certainly use more humor to soften what life throws at us. Thanks for the smile, and for stopping by my blog!
~Josie Two Shoes~
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