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Friday, April 22, 2011

Snowdruff #AtoZ #atozchallenge

"Making Snow" By, Erica Lansky
I don't like to poke fun at my students, but one former pupil's antics are just too good not to write about. The young man came charging to the teachers with an excitement in his voice that can only be heard in children. "I can make it snow!" he said.

And snow it did. The boy leaned over the pavement and scratched his head causing multiple flakes to fall onto the ground. After he produced a heavy snow storm, a crowd of children gathered around him to see if they too could make it "snow." But alas, no one else's hair was quite that snowy.

For your video enjoyment, here's a clip from the Breakfast Club. Watch Ally Sheedy make it snow!

Tune in tomorrow for the letter T = "Taunting Siblings."


M Pax said...

Bet he'd be thrilled to know he could make art with it, too.

Rico Swaff said...

It's refreshing to know that kids may still be watching that awesome movie.

Empty Nest Insider said...

Very cute story! Thanks for the Breakfast Club clip! It's timeless. Julie

Tony Payne said...

That's funny.

Rhonda@laugh-quotes said...

I love this silly snow story. And you didn't even have to get cold to see the snow :)