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Thursday, December 26, 2013

#GBE2: Happy Endings

Beth from GBE2 gave us the weekly blog topic of "Happy Endings," so I was thinking about how I could write about a happy end. I've always heard about the happiest of end names around: Gladys, which means "Happy Butt?"

Then my daughter talked about someone having a "bubble butt" that popped. How could a bubble butt pop? Is that one of those silicon butt jobs that leaks with age? I don't know about bubble butts, but I have seen a "booty do." That's when someone's stomach sticks out more than their booty do.

Anyway, my kids said I can't write about "Happy Endings" because it's inappropriate, dirty, and gross. 

"What's wrong with the theme Happy Endings?" I asked. 

Since I couldn't get an answer, I looked it up in Urban Dictionary. They were right.