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Showing posts with label marriage. Show all posts

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I looked up while grinding watermelon rind and saw a strange man in my kitchen. Oh, yeah, I'm married! Do you ever go through times when you get so busy that you barely see your spouse? Me neither. But he's been working late. I didn't even see him one night or the next morning. I even wondered if he came home, but I saw a few tell tale signs, like the dogs not jumping on me to eat.

Later, Mitchell told me I spoke to him when he got in. I don't remember. One of these days, he's going to quit practicing law and do it right. That means, not having to work such long hours. Don't worry. He's not having an affair. After twenty-eight years of marriage, he knows if he did, I'd just hop in bed between him and his mistress. After one night of my snoring, she'd dump him.

Then again, I stayed at school until almost seven on Tuesday night; however, part of my delay was due to the gym teacher starting a kick boxing class. He wanted me to kick him in the knee, but I couldn't do it. I might miss the knee and keep this young man from becoming a father. 

I worked out with the thirty-somethings and the twenty-nine-year-old, and the used to be kid who jumped rope with my kids before she grew up to be a teacher. I should have warned her. I'm in trouble when it's time to spar these young adults. At least I'm there. Who knows, the Taekwondo red belt from my youth might come in handy. If nothing else, I can still do a loud k'ihap.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

#GBE2 - How We Met

picture prompt - GBE2

Does anyone remember Hands Across America Day? On May 25, 1986, Americans from New York to California held hands in an attempt to form an unbroken human chain across the country. Although the link broke in the desert, my husband and I formed our own bond, and we're still hitched over twenty-five years later.

Here's how we met:

Martin, an Orthodox Jew started a photo dating service and threw extravagant parties complete with farm animals in hotel ballrooms and his wife hanging from a cooking skewer--anything for a laugh.

Singles submitted photographs then chose dates from his dining room table. On my first visit to Martin's home, a cute guy sat across from me, so I boldly slid my picture in front of him.

Shortly after that, Martin spoke to this young man then asked me in private if I wanted to go out with him. When I gave a strong, "Yes," he opened the door and immediately embarrassed me by sharing my answer. But that's okay, Handsome called, we went out, and here we are old but still together.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh, No. Not Again

I leave my Skype on in case my daughter who is over seas wants to chat; however, I repeatedly find odd messages from a Russian dating site. Yes, I'm of Russian decent, but I'm also married, female, and straight. No matter how many times I block these lonely hearts, they still find a way to send me bizarre messages like the one below.

Greetings dear! I'm not a deer, moose, or elk. I do respond to dear from some folks but usually they are people I'm intimate with or of the older generation.

I'm Marina. I live in Russian Federation. Having never met you, do I really care what your name is or where you live?
Do you know that the most attractive ladies in the world live in my country? That's true! Of course it is! My ancestors were from Russia, so I must be a most attractive lady. Thanks for the compliment.
I invite you to a very good international dating site where hundreds of lone I am searching forly hearts are looking for their future lovers. What makes this a good site? If it's that good, why are you trying to gain business from strangers who are totally out of this arena? Besides, what is a "lone I am searching forly hearts" mean? Does this person need a heart transplant. Ah! That's it. The woman is Russian and needs a heart from someone who is also of Russian decent. Sorry, lady. I'm heartless. And looking for future lovers? I already blogged about how I like my present one.
I dream about meeting a charming one I am searching for for longterm relations or even marriage. I'm charming! Thanks again, but keep keep searching. I'm married.

Are you the one I am searching for? ;) That's a H*&L No!