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Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh, No. Not Again

I leave my Skype on in case my daughter who is over seas wants to chat; however, I repeatedly find odd messages from a Russian dating site. Yes, I'm of Russian decent, but I'm also married, female, and straight. No matter how many times I block these lonely hearts, they still find a way to send me bizarre messages like the one below.

Greetings dear! I'm not a deer, moose, or elk. I do respond to dear from some folks but usually they are people I'm intimate with or of the older generation.

I'm Marina. I live in Russian Federation. Having never met you, do I really care what your name is or where you live?
Do you know that the most attractive ladies in the world live in my country? That's true! Of course it is! My ancestors were from Russia, so I must be a most attractive lady. Thanks for the compliment.
I invite you to a very good international dating site where hundreds of lone I am searching forly hearts are looking for their future lovers. What makes this a good site? If it's that good, why are you trying to gain business from strangers who are totally out of this arena? Besides, what is a "lone I am searching forly hearts" mean? Does this person need a heart transplant. Ah! That's it. The woman is Russian and needs a heart from someone who is also of Russian decent. Sorry, lady. I'm heartless. And looking for future lovers? I already blogged about how I like my present one.
I dream about meeting a charming one I am searching for for longterm relations or even marriage. I'm charming! Thanks again, but keep keep searching. I'm married.

Are you the one I am searching for? ;) That's a H*&L No!


Rhonda Albom said...

LOL - at least you have found a useful purpose of it - that would be making us all laugh today. Thanks. And thanks for sending me to humor bloggers, they final accepted me today :)

Joyce Lansky said...

Yay! I'm glad the humor bloggers accepted you. I've had fun seeing their sites and have gotten some new visitors too.

These dating emails are unbelievable. I keep blocking the sender, and she keeps finding a new name to use to send it again.

Tony McGurk said...

Hi Joyce, Thanks for visiting my Comic blog. This gave me a good laugh. I have never heard the term forly before. You did a good job of analyzing/picking it to pieces the way you did.

Tony McGurk said...

Just Googled Forly & Google hasn't heard of it either

Grandma's Goulash said...

Fun post! Those dating services seem to pop up everywhere. Thanks for participating in Pass The Spam. Hope you'll be back next week.

Calico Crazy said...

I'd never thought of skype as a source for spam. Spammers seem to have an unlimited number of names, ips, and emails as they managed to continuously reinvent themselves.