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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lavatory Humor

This was my lame attempt at the letter P that got moved to L when I thought of something else. If you're not amused by bathroom humor, you may move along now.

A whach-ma-call-it
In case you're still here: When I was a little girl and we had to go to the bathroom, we went weewee; however, my husband's family went teetee. Weewee, teetee, peepee, piddle, piss, wiz, puddle, tinkle, pass water, void--for something private, we sure have a lot of words for it. Then there are the words for the action--take a piss, relieve oneself, go to the bathroom, or how about just . . . wait . . . urinate?

So, I wonder, why so many words for something so private? After all, it's no one's business when I use the can, toilet, john, potty, bathroom, lavatory, powder room, rest room, water closet--here we go again. A zillion words for eliminating waste. Don't even start me on the bowels.

 I guess it's time to end this post, flush, and get off the pot.


M Pax said...

It's amazing how many words there are for these functions ... for many private things. You forgot porcelain throne. :D

Catch My Words said...

Ah, yes! How could I forget about the porcelain throne?

Empty Nest Insider said...

I was a big fan of encouraging them to go "weewee" too! I especially enjoyed your zinger of a last line! Julie