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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Six Word Story on "Season"

Art by Sarah Pecorino Illustration

Ketchup on Rice

I stared at the soft, white ovals on my plate that not only tasted bad but were not even worth it from a nutritional standpoint. I don't understand how anyone likes plain white rice for it is the blandest food I've ever tasted and certainly needs someone to season it. Maybe it would be palatable with a sprinkle of dill weed and pepper. That is not enough, so I could add Worchester sauce to it, too. Actually, the only way to make it really tasty is a blob of ketchup mixed throughout the rice. YUM!


messymimi said...

As my Sweetie and his brother would say, rice (or potatoes) is the socially acceptable excuse to eat butter and gravy. Just a carrier, that's all it is, of the stuff you really want.

R's Rue said...

I like white rice with butter and a little salt and pepper. Have a great day.

Ford said...

Totally transformed in a curry, or just fried with eggs, salt and pepper. Yum.

DUTA said...

Rice is not among my favorites but I find ways to eat and even enjoyit. Ketchup - not on my table.

C. E. Ayr said...

I guess we are all different, because I find ketchup revolting!

Binky said...

Make it puffed rice and add some chocolate. Okay, a lot of chocolate.

Chris (sa) said...

Everything with a mountain of ketchup as one young man was oft to say!

clark said...

I agree with Mimi...and R's Res, for that matter.
(This from a person who, as a child, would eat scrambled eggs only if they were covered with grape jelly)

Fun Six

D. Avery said...

No, there's tasty rice out there and myriad ways to serve it. Although ketchup does go with everything,it's true. I've never put it on rice, but potatoes yes.

Pat B said...

Plain white rice is kind of staple here, sometimes for health related reasons and at other times to be topped with a variety of beef or chicken and many different vegetables and seasonings.
However this SSS reminds me a lot of some children who add catsup to almost everything because they just really like catsup.

Shweta said...

Rice is one of our staples. But I can't imagine having to eat it without any of our curries! Great take!

GirlieOnTheEdge said...

Holy smokers! Ketchup? I don't know about that, lol.
Give me a bowl of it, some butter and salt and I'll take of it pronto :D
Good to see you at the Six, Joyce!