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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Summer is Special

Although summer doesn't technically begin until June 21st, my daughter's birthday and the longest day of the year (especially in 1990), most of us feel like it's summer when that end of the school bell rings, on that last day. I've been in schools with that tearful goodbye to the kids followed by the blasting of "Celebration" over the intercom when the last little rugrat is gone. Now that it is summer, what do you do?

The last thing you want, right now, is to think about the next school year. This is the time to read a good book, travel, or just chlax. I loved The Four Winds by Kristen Hannah, Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, and anything by Jodi Picoult. You can think I'm not right, but I was also fascinated by Stiff by Mary Roach. If you don't want to read about cadavers, it might be fun to read kids books like the Harry Potter series, The One and Only Ivan, or books by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I know, summer is the time to forget about teaching, but it helps to read what kids read so that you know how to suggest good reads and can have a laugh over a silly Gordon Korman book. My daughter always questioned my love of reading books for kids.

If you're not into summer reading, how about a vacation? Depending on where you live, I'm sure there are a lot of fun weekend jaunts. We like to trek over to Nashville to see the grandson. If you live near a beach or mountain, lucky you! The vacation is in your backyard.

Another summer love of mine is the smoothie! Here is a page from my Smoothie Reading Passage that give you some great recipes. Enjoy your summer!


messymimi said...

Hope you have a fabulous, relaxing, and fun filled summer!

Binky said...

Our school year doesn't end until the end of June, but still June 1st seems like the start of summer.