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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Theme Thursday: Aromas

What's funny about aromas? Nothing, but head into a Bath and Body Works and you might find some humor in what they name their fragrances. I can only guess what these delicious flavors must smell like.

Autumn: This must be a collection of rotted pumpkins or Halloween candy. Put some behind your ears and hope the mosquitoes are gone for the season.

Caribbean Escape: A mixture of sea weed and dead fish with a floral base.

Dark Kiss: The smell of DEATH! Isn't that what Harry Potter's dementors did when they sucked all the joy out of their victims?

Green Grass: Allergy sufferers need to watch out for this one. Guaranteed to make your nose drip and eyes water.

Island Colada: This aroma is only for those of legal age.

Kitchen Lemon: Pucker up because this aroma makes one round those lips... and it's not to whistle.

Sage Cucumber: Really? I never thought to mix sage with cucumbers and then wear it!

and finally...

P.S. I Love You: What would love smell like? Probably the sweetest aroma of all!