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My humorous thoughts about life.

"My Humorous Thoughts About Life & Teaching"
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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Night at the Ballpark

Last night, we took in a Red Birds game. There's nothing like sitting in the comfortable night air, listening to the crack of bat against ball. At one point, I ducked a rogue ball that slammed
the awning above me instead of striking my head. This one was not as close as the bullet (fast ball) that tore in between a friend and me while having a conversation in a party room years ago. Baseball games are dangerous.

The highlight of the evening took place at the food court. A stranger chased after a man, grabbed his arm, and said, "They'll let anyone in here."

After receiving a mortified look, the man said, "Oops. I thought you were Steve." Steve, I didn't know your reputation follows you all the way to the states.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silly Sunday: Back in Middle School

This week, I've had a schedule change. Instead of teaching full time at an elementary school, I'm now a traveling teacher with two days at the elementary school and three days in a middle school. It's been a wonderful change of pace, and I'm enjoying my time at the new school; however, walking down hormone filled halls reminds me of some funny situations from my past.

Years ago, an older teacher repeatedly called on a kid in the back of the room who held his hand up, but he refused to answer and would not put down his hand. Finally, after she became aggravated with the lone hand raiser, a child said, "Ms. R., that's the overhead projector."

It's a known fact that no matter how many balls are on the playground, the word is always used in the singular around middle schoolers. I'll never forget the day a sixth grade teacher told the boys to "hold their balls" because the bouncing was too loud. She should have asked them to hold their "ball" because every boy in the class immediately followed her directions in a most embarrassing way.

Then there's the story of the seventh grade teacher who stood at the doorway to her classroom, tapped each boy on the shoulder, and said, "Jacket off." It's no surprise that every tween boy put his coat on just so he could hear the teacher say, "Jacket off."

Gotta LOVE middle school!