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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Theme Thursday: Confessions

Mrsupole at Theme Thursday has given us the topic of Confessions. She hints that we could clear our conscience from the immoral acts we've committed. Like that is gonna happen! This is tough because I've never done anything even remotely worth confessing; but I'll spill three secrets.

1. I like the smell of skunks and have never understood why everyone yells, "Oooo" when that delicious scent wafts through the air. Come on, admit it. You know you like it too.

2. When I wake up in the morning, and it's a quarter to one; I want to have a little fun; I brush my teeth. Teeth brushing is a treat--just ask my kids. When they were small and misbehaved, I'd threaten to not let them brush their teeth. I know it's cruel and unusual punishment, but I never carried it out. The threat was all I needed to instill perfect behavior.

3. I once danced with a chair at the Deja Vu. The music played, but no one ventured onto the dance floor. After receiving dance refusals from a few men too chicken to be the first on the floor (at least they didn't say, "F%&* you like the creep in middle school), I grabbed a chair and kicked up the party. Actually, that's not the confession. This is: I was sober.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Trivia Night at Kickin' Chicken'

I just got back from visiting my son in Charleston and getting a first hand peek at what twenty-somethings do for fun. Every Wednesday at 10:00 is Trivia Night at the Kickin' Chicken. I was all over it. Perched on stools around a wooden table we delighted in competing for a $50 bar tab for the winners, $25 for second, $10 for third, and the dreaded syphilis infection for fourth. Competing against a large crowd, we left empty handed; but our team had full beer bellies.

The first task was picking a team name that related to current events, was totally obscene, or preferably both. My son, daughter, and I struggled over a name, but it took my son's twenty-three year old friends no time to come up with the kind of name with words that one would never say in front of someone's mother (AKA - me). I didn't mind the sexual names so much, but Charlie Sheen jokes got old, and Japanese related titles were just plain rude. My favorite team name was: "I don't bungee jump because broken rubber brought me into this world and I don't want to leave the same way."

Equipped with the rare knowledge that Michael J. Fox's middle name is "Andrew," we were ready to begin. . . but they didn't ask that question. Being the night before St. Patrick's Day, a lot of questions related to the Irish. No problem; I've been to Ireland. So why did I report the most southern county as being Limerick instead of Cork? Oh, the pressure!

We knew Sam Houston was the governor of Texas who retired from office rather than take the oath of allegiance to the confederacy (although we almost said, "George Bush"); Florida was the most recent college team to win two championships in consecutive years; and never remove the Cauliflower Ear during a game of Operation.

What we didn't know were the four most popular bands of all times. Beatles and Rolling Stones were the given. What were the two others? Being the old lady who loves to tune into classic rock, how could I have missed it? I was probably the only one in the bar who had been around during these bands' hey days. So, knowing what I know, how could the Grateful Dead not be one of the four? I mean, "dead heads" abound, even though no one understands why a dead person would be grateful. Anyway, I know you're dying for the correct answer . . . the winners were . . . wait for it . . . Led Zeppelin and U2. Really? Yeah!

Although Trivia Night is a blast, it's made for the young. To find out why, reread my second line: "Wednesday nights at 10:00." How could someone over twenty-five get up for work the next day?