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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Support Israel!

On June 10th, three Israeli teenagers were abducted and murdered by Palestinians from the West Bank. Hamas called the murderers heroes and held celebrations where Palestinians danced and passed out candy. The news never reported these celebrations because everything reported must slam Israel in the
eyes of the world; however, you did hear reports of how an Israeli murdered an innocent Palestinian boy in revenge of the killings. Did the news tell you that Israel immediately condemned this murder, and Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to hold the murderer accountable? Or, did they report how Israeli police have arrested a suspect in the Palestinian boy's murder who will be punished if found guilty. This is quite a different reaction to the murders. In fact, this disgusting cartoon was posted on "The Palestinian Movements/Fatah's" central page depicting the murdered Israeli boys as rats caught in a fishing line with a caption translated to, "A Master Stroke." 

Sparked by these controversies, Israel is now involved in what looks like the start of a full blown war with Hamas. Today's New York Times headline reads, "Gaza Deaths Spike in Third Day of Israel Air Assaults." The article goes on to discuss Palestinian deaths while over 100 rockets have been shot into Israel. Try over 400 rockets

When these rockets bomb Israeli areas filled with civilians, sirens sound for Israelis to take cover in bomb shelters. Furthermore, five 55 million dollar iron dome missile defense systems knocks many rockets out of the sky before they can do damage. This is why Israeli deaths have been absent, knock on wood.

On the Palestinian side, missiles are targeted at the rocket launchers that threaten Israelis and at the Hamas leaders. Before such attacks begin, Israel has dropped leaflets, phoned civilians in the area, and launched radio reports warning people to leave the area before the attack. Rather than leave as told, people are used as human shields to win the media war. "Look at all of the innocent children the Israelis have killed." Some of the photos have been found to not even be real, but rather deaths from as far back as 2009 or from a war between Syria and Iraq. Are Israelis really killing innocent people, or are they being killed by Hamas terrorists who put them in harms way? The news media is quick to blame everything on Israel as does a good part of the world. But let me ask, if missiles rained down on your country, would she defend herself? IF so, you need to support Israel. 

You may donate to help Israel if you desire.

You may even donate pizza to the IDF soldiers in Israel. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

GBE2 Meets Theme Thursday: Writing About Faith on a Humor Blog

With tragedy surrounding us this past week, two of my blogging groups have asked us to post about faith or to just follow our hearts in blogging. This is tough because my writing lends itself to humor.

Faith means complete trust or confidence in something. I have faith in a lot of things. I know that when visiting the dog park, my furry friends will jump into the muddy lake and come out disgustingly dirty. I will get a nose bleed from my left nostril at least once a week in the winter time, and even got one this morning; however, the doc has faith that it's just dryness. When dining at a nice restaurant, the salad dressing will drip on my blouse. Most importantly, faith means that one day I will be a thin, even though I will faithfully put on a pound or two this month. I've given my kids specific instructions. If I'm ever on life support, they have promised not to pull the plug until I'm a size six. I have faith that they'll follow my wishes.
Bear's Arm

I know. I know. That's not the kind of faith Mrsupole or Beth were referring to. You both wanted an in depth––spill my guts kind of post about the horrible tragedy in Connecticut. The problem is, when faced with such an unspeakable tragedy, I cannot speak. What does one say about innocent children being slaughtered by a crazy twenty-year-old? 

Should I get political about the issues of gun control and how we should ban assault weapons? I agree. There's no reason anyone needs a gun that shoots rapid fire without the need to reload. Our founding fathers could not have imagined this type of weapon when writing the second amendment, giving folks the right to bear arms. People also discuss getting more help for the mentally ill. Once again, I agree and will further add that we should tax the one percent to pay for it.

I also agree that no child should be fearful of going to school. This tough situation needs answers, and perhaps my group leaders would be satisfied to read my post about how I shed tears when I read the grandfatherly neighbor's account of the tragedy; but personally, I'd rather deal with having faith that when getting dressed tomorrow, I will find a pair of socks that doesn't have a hole in them. That is less painful.