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Showing posts with label guilty. Show all posts

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Theme Thursday: Temptation

I'll never forget that day back in the seventh grade when my classmate placed a cheat sheet under a desk during a test. Although the scrap of paper was in my clear view, I told myself I wouldn't look at it, but oh, the temptation when I came to that one question I didn't know. I took a quick peek before writing the answer. Next came the guilt. No one knew I cheated but God and myself; however, I was so bothered by this one event, that I never cheated on another test again.

Unfortunately, my college classmates did not resist the cheating temptation. The professor broke us into teams and had each group write five test questions to go along with his questions. I studied for that test only to find myself totally shocked when I learned about rampant cheating throughout my class. Apparently, many of my classmates, in helping people professions, passed questions from group to group. My faith in humanity was shattered.

Looking back, maybe I should be glad I broke temptation in that seventh grade class for if I hadn't, perhaps I'd never know how awful feeding into temptation feels.

I know of two people who have misread my actions and believed me to not be of high moral character. How does one convince another that they are totally wrong once the mind is made up? Being one who has always prided herself on having a strong moral character, this is one of the most frustrating and offensive things in my life; however, sometimes people believe what they want to believe whether it's reality or not.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Who Done It?

We left our jar of sunflower seeds on our kitchen countertop with the lid securely fastened; however, when we got home, we found the jar empty.

The teeth-mark covered lid was close to the empty jar.

We have three suspects to this crime.

Suspect #1. Honey Bear

Honey Bear

Our four year old golden retriever who has never done anything wrong in our years together.

HB's Chompers

Suspect #2 Millie

Silly Millie

Although six year old Millie likes to chew, she is a bit vertically challenged when it comes to countertops. 

Millie's Chompers
 The red top did not fit in Millie's little mouth.

Suspect #3. Ruby (The Logo Dog)

Five-year-old Ruby has a long history of multiple crimes. Her favorite chew toys consist of underwear and Millie. This crazy granddog came to stay with us last month because her master is in the process of moving to Nashville. When the dogs were asked about the crime, Ruby was the lone ducker. 

Ruby's chompers
So I ask you Dear Readers, who done it?