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Friday, June 24, 2011

Spilling Guts

Should I or Shouldn't I?
Several bloggers discussed whether or not to spill ones guts out in posts. I say, "No." It's a messy business that will result in me tripping and pulling five feet of intestinal material out of my body. Of course with that, I could have a fine jump rope but probably wouldn't feel like skipping. I mean who wants to jump rope with your guts sticking out? Plus while everything's open, I could pull out excess fat. They call that a tummy tuck, but this would be a homemade one that wouldn't cost ten-thousand dollars. All I'd have to do is spill my guts, pull out fat, then shove the intestines back in. I'd probably lose forty pounds, so on second thought--okay. Maybe we should spill our guts out after all. But not in front of the computer because if one bleeds on the keyboard the computer might crash!


THE SNEE said...

Online spillage can be extremely messy! Though I admit to being guilty on occasion of letting it all hang out. Now at least I know to tuck only part of it back in. You're onto something Joyce. Emotional Spillage with fat losing benefits. Brilliant!

Laura Rogers said...

Yeah, I just got burned for my first time on this. Oops.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Interesting take on things!

M Pax said...

A mess, indeed. Enjoyed your post. :)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Let the guts fall where they may.

Binky said...

I have a rocket-powered home liposuction machine that you can use that involves no messy gut spilling. Just in case you wanted to borrow it. And there's no long-term regret with it, either.

Andie said...

Sometimes it's not your own guts that need spilling, but the guts of someone else. Just sayin'.
Not endorsing.
My theory is to put nothing down in any form of hard copy that is likely to negatively haunt me in the future. Expect maybe this comment about spillage :)
New follower from the Tailspin hop.

Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

Interesting thoughts. I like the idea of losing 40 pounds, so maybe . . .
I think I am caught up reading your blog now. Sorry for the delay. Wish I could get it on my reader. (I have your picket fence link on the home page - so I vote from there)