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Friday, June 3, 2011

A to Z and Back Again

It's already June, which means the Z to A Challenge has ended. A month ago, I reflected on the A to Z Challenge, and now I must reflect again. On the plus side, it's been wonderful having a theme to guided me through the blogging world--the hardest part about blogging is knowing what to write about. A-Z and Z-A has made topic choosing easier.

I have also become an expert at choosing titles to fit the given letter. For example, "From Cage to Convertible" a letter C story about adopting a dog; "Nah, I Won't Do That," an N post to fit the "Laughter is the Best Medicine Blogfest"; or "Oh, No. Not Again" my O post about an annoying Russian dating group who Skypes me. Although these topics have nothing to do with the letter they represent, I've found a way to make it work just like one closes an overfilled suitcase. You sit your tush down and make it happen.

Also through this challenge, I've had the opportunity to visit wonderful blogs and meet great followers. I've also met one foul-mouthed screwball, but that's another story. ;-)

On the negative side, everyday blogging is not necessary. Most people don't make rounds everyday, so why write so much? In fact, my Saturday posts received the most hits because folks had two days to explore. I would like to continue blogging regularly, but leave a new post up every other day.

I hope y'all will continue to visit even though the challenges are finished. Seems like just yesterday, it was April 1st and I was interviewing Agent Harold Baer for my first A to Z post. If you haven't read that one, it's one of my most popular posts. It's especially helpful for you writer types, like me, who are trying to get published. He's a wonderfully unique agent! Check him out.

If I could get you to read any post from April or May, I would like for you to read B for Backing Israel because there are a lot of facts I'd like the world to know about this fragile situation.



Rhonda@laugh-quotes said...

Congratulations Joyce AtoZ then ZtoA. Wow. I think you have earned a long nap. I do agree about not blogging everyday. When I looked at my google reader today I had 216 blogs unread. I am sure I will not read all of the posts from the everyday bloggers.

paulatohlinecalhoun1951 said...

How neat! I sort of wish I had known about that particular chalenge, except the Post-a-Day 2011 has kept me going, and I am one of those crazy people who never has nothing to say. . .never at a loss for words. . .lots of them!

I will be back to read your "B" post!

Joyce Lansky said...

Thanks, ladies. It was fun, and I'll definitely participate next year.

Nicole said...

I agree with you that posting everyday isn't necessary. Still, I've become so used to it that now I feel like I'm slacking off if I miss a day, lol.

Posting every other day seems like the ideal blogging schedule and maybe I'll adapt to this eventually.

Your title choices for the letters are hilarious! Ignore the foul-mouthed screwball if the encounter was unpleasant....don't let someone like that cloud your sunny day. Now if it was pleasant, than by all means...enjoy, lol.

I am not sure if I came across your blog already or not during the challenge but did like reading your posts today and plan on returning :)

The Madlab Post

Sandy said...

Thought I'd pop in to read your reflection. We have some similar points about visiting and finding new blogs. Since I have 3 blogs I don't generally blog daily but try to do several a week on each. I do however visit daily. Somedays I visit 5 folks per blog and the next day pick up where I left off. Somedays I visit all who've left a comment on the last 5 posts on one blog and focus on one of the other blogs the next day. Somedays it hit or miss.Generally speak though when I write a new post, I visit everyone who posted a comment on the previous post first then go from there.

My charity blog is anther story. I have lots of folks who follow it who aren't bloggers. And when donations are high I do have a new blog post everyday. Was thrilled from Sept of last year through about a month ago, had a post everyday which is awesome, that represents new donations.

I noticed you don't have a blog log so am curious how you do your blog visits? When you're not in a meme, linky, thingy?

Joyce Lansky said...

I don't know what a blog log is. I visit those who visit me and follow back if they follow, unless I have a rare reason not to. I link to the GBE 2 folks who post on the FB page and my humor blogger friends. I also have a few blogs that I try to visit weekly.