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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mom's Revenge

For those who remember my last week's Wordless Wednesday post, Jo suggested I do the same to my kids' pictures. However, I didn't have to do much, they'd already done it to themselves.

Miami, Florida 1949

We've all heard of visits from spirits. This actually happened in my family, and here's photographic proof. My youngest daughter accompanied my parents on their honeymoon in 1949!

Super Dan
The Jolly Green Giant and Smurfs have nothing on this character. Watch Daniel flex his muscles for the blue ray. When he was in preschool, I used to pin pillowcases to his back so he could run around saving the world. Not much has changed.

Six Eyes
Sweet Judy would never alter her Mom's picture and had nothing to do with last week's post, but I wouldn't want her to feel left out, so here is six eyes--no multiple personality disorder here.


Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

Great shots. I think sweet Judy's is my favorite. She is the only person I know who can pull off such a creepy concept and look adorable at it.

I vote for you everyday - and I hope everyone who reads this remembers to click on the fence and vote for this blog!

Langley Cornwell said...

These are super, I want to learn photography tricks!

Anonymous said...

Judy's must be your favorite because there is double of the youngest in the background!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Hilarious! Thank you for this today.

Here's my Wordless Wednesday: Tea Time.

meryl said...

Great photo shopping. Wish I could do it!

Catch My Words said...

Thanks for all of the comments. Would Anonymous happen to be named Erica?

Binky said...

It's funny, but six eyes actually looks pretty normal.

Sandee said...

What Rhonda said and now I'm going to click on the fence.

I've tried to put you in my Google Reader but it keeps telling me: The feed being requested cannot be found. :(

Have a terrific day. :)

Catch My Words said...

Thanks so much to everyone. My feed is messed up and I've gone round in circles trying to figure out how to fix it. The Genius--NOT bar at Apple told me they didn't know how to fix it and then messed up a function on my computer that they had no business touching! I have to get in touch with Blogger, but they left no forwarding address.

Jenn said...

This was a fun post...AWESOME!!

Brenda Stevens said...

LOLOL good finds!!!!!