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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Writer's Post: Stirring The Pot

This weeks Writer's Post topic is "Stirring the Pot." Here is my take on the matter.

Have you ever been cooking when suddenly you have to run to the bathroom? You tell your husband or kids to stir the pot, but do they? Noooo. By the time you're no longer indisposed, the soup has either boiled onto the stove or is crusted on the bottom. When this happens the results are two fold. If you're lucky, you're eating burnt food and scraping the bottom of the pan for an hour or so. But if you're unlucky, three firetrucks come tearing down the street with their sirens screaming and the neighbors peeking out their windows. 

So why is it people never listen to Mom and stir the pot? It's a national tragedy! In fact, I'll bet if you counted the number of times firetrucks–What? What's that you say? Figurative meaning, not literal meaning? 



Anonymous said...

Been there, done that...but never with fire trucks racing toward the house. And guess what? They trained me to turn the stove off and move the pot aside until I can keep an eye on things when I'm cooking them. Too bad I didn't train them to take me out to eat when I burn the food, huh? Happy Saturday to you...what's left of it anyway:)

stevebethere said...

Yep happened here too, I have learned my lesson I now watch whatever I am cooking like a hawk especially stuff like curry, spaghettei bolognese etc they burn at the bottom like mad if left.

ps. but no fire engines heheh!

Have a good Sunday :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been guilty of letting soup burn because I didn't stir the soup like my mother asked. oops.

Unknown said...

I loved this!! LOL Never have had to call the fire department yet!! Joyce, please stop by when you get the chance. I have given you an award because I love what you do. You may pick it up here...


Catherine said...

Dear Joyce, The best reply is, "I forgot"!
Have a Happy Mother's Day. Blessings dear. Catherine xox

mooderino said...

Always best to do it yourself. That or scream reminders from the bathroom.

Moody Writing
The Funnily Enough

Sandee said...

I just turn it off and then on again when I return. You just can't trust your family to do the right thing. Just saying. :)

DUTA said...

When I put something on the stove, I never trust anyone, not even myself. The thing is that I cook everything on very low fire, so the chance of food getting burnt is not high.
I like the two pictures - yummy soup and a frightened lady.

Jenn said...

Bwahahahahaa!! I can always count on you to make these prompts fun!! :D (You actually counted the fire trucks??? Last time I lost count!!)

Cheers, Jenn

Lynn Proctor said...

that's how my mom burned down the kitchen for real years ago--everyone was okay and she got a brand new kitchen out of it!--stopping by from the a-z!

Sharon Greenthal said...

I love a good sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh!