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Sunday, July 15, 2012

#GBE2: Educated By Big Sister

As I listen to my older sister saw logs, I am reminded of the best educational tidbits I've received, all from her. Bev and I grew up sharing an attic bedroom; however, I never snapped a picture of the slanted ceiling, yellow walls, green carpet, or gigantic window overlooking our driveway. This is why our childhood room is only in my mind and not on my blog.

Bev was notorious for talking in her sleep, thus giving me a great education and entertainment. While sleeping, she told me about being in the corner with Rusty. Mm hm. My favorite nighttime activity was the time I told her how she didn't like chocolate then listened to vehement sleep cries that she did. Then with further prompting, she begged me for the nonexistent candy bar. 

Bev also educated me during our waking hours. Before I entered middle school, she explained the full list of dirty words and what they meant; however, she refused to tell me the meaning of the "f word" because it was just too naughty to explain. I'm still waiting to find out.

To make sure I never rotted out my lungs with a horrid habit, Bev forced an unfiltered cigarette on me in grade school. Yep! It was nasty enough that to this day I am not a smoker.

I am currently in Dayton because her daughter just had a bridal shower. I passed a naughty bit of lingerie to Bev's daughter. This thing was given to me twenty-six years ago by guess who? ... although sister Barb was just as much to blame. I'd go into detail about it, but knowing that my daughters frequent my blog, I best not inform you about that bit of education. I am, however, happy to say that it is no longer mine.
Ahh, education. I bet you thought my post would be all about my teaching job. Psych!


Jo said...

Awesomeness! Sisters are so helpful with learning about life.
I covered the teacher thing! No sweat!

Mike said...

Amazing how much more we learn from siblings. The education I received from my older brother isn't exactly fit for publishing either, but your post made me think back and grin about it. He wasn't too shy teaching me what the 'f' word meant.

Dhemz said...

Awww....precious photos! I wish I had a sister growing up.

Petro said...

I love these pictures! They remind me of my beloved little sister. I really hope I was and still am a good role mode to her and that she's learnt many good things from me.
It's great to have a sister to share all your ups and downs, all the fun and the tears, isn't it? They are often our best friends. Mine surely is :)


Theresa Mahoney said...

I had an older sister growing up and oh the things I learned from her. I often cringe thinking of the things my older daughter is probably teaching the younger one.

Great family photos, though I would have loved to see that bedroom photo! It sounds a lot like the one I had to share with my sister too.

Catherine said...

Dear Joyce, What a great post and tribute and the fond memories. Have a great day dear. Ciao..Catherine xo

DUTA said...

I love the photos.

A big sister can play mother, friend, teacher, quite successfully.
My bigger sister died in infancy long before I was even born , and that is a very sad fact in my life.

Binky said...

Funny the things we remember from our childhood.

Unknown said...

Completely hilarious, and quite honestly the best kind of education! LOL


unikorna said...

You are such a delightful always make me smile. I also have an older sister...she used to kick my butt because I'd follow her everywhere, ruining all her boys affairs. But we do adore each other...just like the two of you. Kisses for both.

Petro said...

Thanks for sharing your smiles on my blog, Joyce. You and your blog are a great source of fun :)


Steven said...
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Steven said...

Leading her in sleep talk....that's too funny. I tried to do that to someone once and it resulted getting angrily shouted at for waking them up, lol.

Eccentricity said...

I slept in an attic room once and wish I had pics of it too. Sleeptalking--yeah. I do it sometimes. lol!

Phoenixritu said...

Siblings truly shape you as a person. Loved this, you truly have a good relationship with your sister

Amy Morgan said...

So nice to hear of your education from your sister - they are great teachers at times as well as good friends. Loved your memories and the pics!

Anonymous said...

Great post on education! We sure do learn a lot from others around us! (that isn't taught in school...)

Cute pic of you and your sis!

mail4rosey said...

You gals are lucky! I bet it was awesome always having someone to play with and talk to (even though I'm sure you didn't always think so). ;)

You were a cutie, and the saddle shoes, I TOTALLY remember having saddles shoes ever single year, lol.