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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Theme Thursday: Distractions

This week's topic is distractions. I'd write about it, but I must take a shower first. I think best in water anyway. This is a family friendly blog, so don't even think about looking for a shower photo.

I didn't take a shower, but I folded laundry and watched the end of "While You Were Sleeping." I love that movie! Although I've seen it bagillion times, I still tear up at the final scene. I'd finish this blog post, but I've got to go to the eye doctor and one day this week I need to pop by school and pick up my portable key. If I don't get my room together before school starts, it will be a rough beginning to the school year. Perhaps I'll even stop by Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get coffee cups for my Kerig machine. I have a 20% off coupon. It's expired, but BB&B will take any coupon no matter when the expiration date.

You know what's weird? My computer told me I'd misspelled "expiration." I tried various letter combinations before deciding to look it up. Ironically, when I typed the word into my dictionary, I suddenly knew how to spell it. Why is that? It happens all the time.

Where was I, oh yes. Contacts. I'll finish this later.

I haven't left the house. My husband called. We have an additional guest coming in August. We are housing four boys for the Maccabi event in Memphis. We originally requested four kids but had only gotten three, so an additional visitor is good news. I called his mother and sent an email.

Mitchell is coming home, so I'm not going to head out yet. I put some eggs on the stove and am making egg salad for lunch. The eggs should be about ready so I need to toast some bread. I've been meaning to chop up the celery. I guess I'll do that too.

I'm supposed to write about distractions, but I've decided that's a silly topic that I know nothing about. I have no distractions in my life.


Jo said...

Sounds like pretty much any day in my house! Except for the getting the room key and getting the room itself ready..................................................Sorry, watching TV and Mike wanted to kiss me good night, that took a minute!

So. umm. Oh, yes, What was I saying? Let me re-read. In a minute. Gotta go let the dogs in.

We have doggies doors. Oops. They were both sleeping. So I straightened up the living room on my way through.

So have a good night Joyce and seriously, you need to focus. Like me.

One thing at a ti

Brian Miller said...

haha oh my short attention span theatre going on in on the hosting the boys...that will be fun...egg salad sounds good too...

Janet Gardner said...

Very well done lol!, I mean at whatever it was you were talking about!!
Janet :)

Jeremy Bates said...

I detest auto correct on computers and cell phones. There is a place on the Internet that has a slew of them that are hilarious.

Anyway, I bought a laptop here in the Philippines about a year ago. The bugger must have been bought in the UK because it finds my misspelled American words and suggests UK English ones.


Mrsupole said...

Have you ever got distracted while boiling some eggs? Let me tell you that after the smell starts to fill up your whole house then you have a large reminder about those boiling eggs. I think I need to go to the bathroom and then I get distracted with something I was looking at on the internet and then to avoid peeing my pants I suddenly become distracted away from the internet and back to the bathroom. Or to go out to the garage to get a gallon of milk is a problem because then I go to the freezer and start looking to get dinner items for the next day and forget the milk, or I mean to get dinner items and end up bringing in the milk only to find it is not needed.

But my favorite is when I walk into a room and cannot remember for the life of me what I walked into there for. So sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don't.

And have you tried the Chai Latte for you Keurig, oh my it is now my favorite. And they have a K-Cup holder at BB&B that sits under your Keurig machine, I think it holds about 36 cups, and I will think to go get more cups to fill it up and then I forget which ones I need and I get distracted and grab some ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise and then make a sandwich instead. I think I need another cup of Chai Latte, oh yeah. Was gonna make me a cup a while ago but somehow I got distracted. Big sigh!!

This was a really great distraction for this weeks Theme Thursday and whatever the prompt was.

God bless.

Sandra Tyler said...

lol. Good one. Like when I go from one room to another and can't remember why. I like that that dictionary story. lol.

Unknown said...

Wanted to read this but then the phone rang, and then a colleague talked to me, and then I had to switch on AC because summer has finally decided to visit, then I had to switch it off again as that visit was only a short one and rain was pouring on the AC outlet, then I went for my cigarette-pause, and came back and played some games on Facebook, then I realized there was this other Firefow-window open, and now tell me what the f... am I doing on this website? Do I know you? Who am I? What am I?

Have a great weekend, with greetings from (chilly again) Paris

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, this is exactly how I am whenever I sit down and attempt to write a blog. It's any wonder I get any published or that any of them make any real sense.

carol l mckenna said...

Fun post and sooooo true ~ Bravo! ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

ps. great to have you stop by ^_^

Petro said...

Oh, no! No distractions? Poor Joyce.
We are so lucky to have you, you do a great job at distracting us with your awesome posts :)


ND Mitchell said...

Very entertaining post :)