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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Theme Thursday: Inspiring Things

This week's Theme Thursday has given me a blog topic and an array of questions that need my wisdom. Let's give it a try, shall we?

Do you see inspiring things each day?

I'm not sure if I've seen anything inspiring today. Maybe outspiring, or whatever the opposite of that would be. I'd planned to fly to Dayton; however, just like Beth the alien traveler, we humans must also pick up headaches in Atlanta before going anywhere. The plane I was supposed to get on was running late and I was informed that I would miss my connections. So I had a choice... hmm... spend the night in a dumpy Atlanta hotel or reschedule for tomorrow. 

Am I supposed to feel inspired by that? Maybe so. I've created the best book characters from the lousiest people I've known and the worst situations too. If you ever treated me poorly, be afraid, be very afraid. And buy my book, after I talk someone into publishing it,  just to make sure you're not in it.

Do you wake up and hop out of bed then hurry to get ready to start your day?

Are you kidding me? This is summer. Why in the world would I hop out of something as delightful as my bed? If anything, I've recently stopped hopping because it sets my head spinning. Instead, I sit at the edge and wait for my blood pressure to rise enough to not get a carpet burn at the tip of my nose from keeling over. I'll leave the hopping to Kangaroo Jack. This movie was pretty bad in the stupid kind of way. I'd say it ties with Solaris. 

Even the actress fell asleep!
Have you seen Solaris? It had one funny scene. Someone asked George Clooney how a lady got on the space ship. He said, "I don't know. I just woke up and she was there."

My sister leaned into me and said, "I just woke up and she was there too." Yes, strangers, that is why we laughed hysterically in the middle of that boring movie.

What inspires you?

You do. Every time I get a comment where someone tells me I made them laugh, I am inspired to do it again. In fact, I am so inspired that I need to talk an agent into representing my book because I guarantee it will make kids laugh. After all, I've used a few of Bruce Coville's magic words in my book. "Fart." "Underwear." "Butt." Yes, folks, slap these words into kidlit and you've got an instant chuckle. If these words made you laugh too, don't admit it! 


shelly said...

Life experience and the strange peeps I happened along inspire me. Yes. Peeps need to fear us writers.

Mrsupole said...

Hi Joyce,

Well you did get a laugh out of me, well you and your sister did and I am thinking that if anyone else heard it at the movie theatre then you two probably got a laugh out of them too. And buttface is a good one that gives kids a laugh too.

As to the rules for Theme Thursday, well all I can say is that the one or two that we have is posted on the right hand sidebar. I think Theme Thursday is mostly about just having fun with your post and having fun with what the other players post. And there is no rules on what you post as long as it is not porn or something rude and mean to another blogger. Basically just the bloggyworld rules of etiquette towards other bloggers, which I do not think are written down but they could be at and we probably agreed to them when we signed up.

Anyway you pretty much just post what you want with that weeks theme as your prompt. And the questions are just me writing out my thoughts to give others ideas for what they could do with the prompt, me included, because sometimes we all get a little writer's block. It is really your choice to use the questions or not to use them and sometimes some people even choose to not use the prompt. Some do that every week or just barely elude to the prompt.

So just have fun, try to visit the other participants and leave comments, funny comments are greatly appreciated by most, and then do it again next week.

And thank you again for playing this week. It got a laugh out of me. A big laugh!!!

God bless.

Leovi said...

Very fun.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm not ashamed to admit I will always giggle at a fart or burp. Body noises are funny no matter how old I get :)

Oh, and I am so with you on hopping out of bed. I could just smack my husband for being so perky and getting out of bed first thing in the morning. I have a strict "the alarm must sound at least 20 times before I even attempt to sit up" rule.

Brian Miller said...

well you def make me laugh every time i stop in...smiles....and i have seen solaris sadly...wish i would have heard tht line. it might have livened it up a bit...ha...i love using people i meet in stories as well...though i think i hope i am not in yours...smiles...

Grace said...

I wish I can sleep in during weekdays but I work so off I go ~ I get inspiration from reading bloggers specially those who leave wonderful comments ~

Happy day to you ~

Janet Gardner said...

You are so funny, love the post. I couldn't agree more with you about getting out of bed, I feel the same way!!
Janet :)

unikorna said...

I already know you are a very colorful writer...and you did inspire me on many an occasion. I suppose you are that kind of lady who is always surrounded by friends, many friends who love her.

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

I love that you labelled your post with 'butt' and 'fart'! Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday:-)