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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theme Thursday: What's Cooking? NADA

How ironic to be given a prompt asking, "What's cooking?," the day after my twenty-six hour fast. Yesterday, Yom Kippur––The Day of Atonement, meant a full sundown to past-down-again of reflecting, praying, and empty bellies. 

Each year, I'm amazed to see how easy fasting is for me. In fact, I was so involved with getting my house ready for the break fast, that I failed to watch the clock and went five minutes past supper time! I confess, I did a little evening cooking and baking, but no tasting. If I can go a full day without food or drink, why can't I say, "No" to that second helping or fattening dish? Our minds truly contain the potential to control that thing called our body if we're serious enough to do so.

Last night, a story circulated from one of the Orthodox synagogues in town. A teenage girl fell ill due to lack of food and passed out during the afternoon service. Someone made the mistake of yelling, "Is there a doctor in the house?" 

Practically the entire shul rushed to her aid, with the exception of a couple dozen lawyers pondering, Who pushed her? or Is there a loose tile below her feet that would make a good suit? And of course the temple contained those mentally challenged folks who became accountants. Cool your jets––I'M KIDDING! But in all honesty, we are quite an educated group of people.

The girl was fine. Her ego contained a few bumps and bruises, but no more than those I acquire daily.

If I have offended anyone this year–like accountants, please accept my humble apologies, but also realize I attended Kol Nidre services. This is a most important time when we admit to G-d that we'll probably sin all over again because after all, that's what humans do.


shelly said...

I didn't fast food b/c of blood sugar issues but I do find other things to fast. And I love your spin on who our doctors, lawyers, and accountants are.

Hugs and chocolate,

Sandra Tyler said...

Are you allowed to drink water? I don't think I'd make it through the day. I'd have to fill up on water.

Mrsupole said...

My Maternal Grandmother and my MIL were both Jewish but when older they converted to Christianity. They really did not talk much about their time or Jewish beliefs, so it is nice to read about it from others. This gives us an idea of some of the beliefs that they had during that time of their lives. I love the pictures and I think from movies I have seen the lawyer or doctor story before. You are so much braver than me to be able to fast, I am not sure that I could do it. Glad you made it.

Thanks for playing in this weeks "What's Cooking!" Theme Thursday. I love all your stories.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

I sure do adore you.

Jo said...

*giggling over the doctor or lawyer choice* You made me smile on a day with not a ton of reasons to giggle! As usual you made light of a rather solemn day. Bless you for your ability to laugh!

Binky said...

I can go 26 minutes without food.
That might be stretching it, though.

Janet Gardner said...

Your my new hero, not eating for that long! Good Job, and as always your post give me a good laugh!
Hope all is well,
Janet :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Lol about the doctors or lawyers. It's about true though, isn't it? I used to live in a neighborhood with mostly Jewish people and they were all doctors and lawyers!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your fasting. I do fast for special occasions and it does become so easy. Fasting is very good for your mind , body and soul. I truly enjoy fasting. thank you so much for sharing. Mine is here
Have you a truly BLESSED WEEKEND!!!

Pearl said...

Hi Joyce,
Fasting is one thing I HAVEN'T DONE YET:( I know it's biblical, David used to fast a lot. I should try it, but I'll have to prepare my all for it.
Lol for the lawyers! Were they ready to sue someone in the temple? ha ha
xoxo, pearl

Anonymous said...

You are a brave (or very dedicated) woman. Not sure I could make it that long. Funny post.

Brenda Stevens said...

We fasted too! We follow all the high holiday's and its been a spiritual journey; an honor and revelation joy actually. Now reading this..LOL love love your humor and "doctor in the house" LOL yes you are a blessed community. We are blessed to have you in OUR community of GBE2!! :0)

Amy Morgan said...

Thank you for sharing your fast and the smiles that went with it. :)