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Saturday, January 5, 2013

#GBE2: Wish

My GBE2 blogging group asked us to post on the topic of "Wish," so here goes. 

I want to publish a novel. Not self published or blog published, but set to print by an editor or a respected house. Caroline Kooney's first eight books were never published; plus, the average writer takes ten years to make their dreams come true . . .  or nightmares begin. I'm not sure how many years I've been writing, but I guarantee it's under ten, and I'm only working on my sixth manuscript. Here's what I've written in order of completion.

I made a Lulu cover.
1. The Friendship Puzzle (MG) - An experiment in novel writing that's missing a plot. Who needs a plot when I've got the gorgeous John Katou and the bubble headed tween who loves him? Okay, this one will never be published, and I dare confess that I did clog a few slush piles with this piece of trash. Sorry if it ever landed across your desk.

2. Don't Eat Chipmunks (MG+) - A promising camp story about a boy lost in the Rockies with his two worst enemies and an injured counselor. The boys must learn to work together or die as my novel did when the Sydney Taylor people were offended by my portrayal of Jewish camp. Sorry guys, but the "Anaf Boys Choir" really did sneak out at night in their underwear to sing Silent Night and the memory was too good not to write about.

3. Being Bompsy Carleffa (YA) - This masterpiece about Ben, a kidnapped mob teen thrust back into his previous world, is filled with roller coaster suspense, action, and clever characters. However, it's also been rejected more than any novel I've written. One agent reported that my main character was "too funny for the trouble he was in." I can't help it! Every time I write, funny pops out. There's got to be a market for it somewhere. It works for Gordon Korman.

The Godfather
4. The Killer Who Loves Me (YA) - This is the sequel to my unpublished Bompsy where Ben finds himself conflicted by the thought that he may actually "like" his criminal father. At least this one does not have multiple rejections. Furthermore, I started the third book in the series but stopped midstream when I read about not writing sequels to books that aren't published. I guess Ben can rest assured that he won't be shot at or beaten until someone picks up Being Bompsy Carleffa.

5. Mrs. Zimmerman's Donuts (MG) - Coddled loser meets Mohawk boy who teaches him to be cool. I wrote this one with the guidance of two published authors telling me what works and what doesn't. I even cracked myself up by getting a kid's head caught in a hand dryer and shooting his spittle across bathroom tiles. There's got to be a market for a kid dealing with a helicopter mom because I've met so many of these overprotected babies.

6. Work in Progress (YA) - I named it Finding Miss Forester only to learn about a movie with a similar title. Dang! I'd never heard of the movie, but I guess my title must change. This is the story of a rambunctious seventh grade boy who spies his first-year teacher crying after another one of his many stunts pulled on her. Overwhelmed with guilt, he decides to behave, but instead, he has a rotten sub to deal with. Did he make Miss Forester quit? No. She's in deep doo doo after whistle blowing on a former boss, and Caleb will get sucked into her problems once I get my act together.

There you go bloggy friends––my wish waiting to be granted. And to think, you knew me when.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Masshole Mommy said...

I certainly hope your wish comes true. My brother in law wrote his first book and had it published 2 or 3 years ago. He's working on his second now, so I know it's quite a process.

Amy Morgan said...

They all sounds good Joyce (yes, even the one without a plot - LOVE the cover!)Stay with your humor no matter anyone tells you. You're right. There IS a market out there and publishing house just waiting for your style. Good luck!

Kelley Lynn said...

Wow. Average of ten years to make the dream come true... that's a long time. Buckle down and get er' done, right? :)

Happy New Year!

ElizabethSheryl said...

Mrs. Zimmerman's Donuts sounds like a great book, the helicopter mom/sheltered kid thing is great.

Word Nerd said...

When they come out, I'll be first in line to get my copy. You'll sign one for me, right?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Just keep believing and keep trying and it won't stay a wish forever.

Jackie said...

I think that's a marvelous wish. But as you are working so hard on it I am not sure it is a wish. I think it is reality waiting to happen!:-)

shelly said...

Have faith. But there isn't anything wrong with self-publishing other than it can be a real headache. And you need really, really good editor. They are hard to find.

Hugs and chocolate,

Danavee said...

EEEEKKK! Good luck to you! You've got a great start!

Daphne said...

Here's a website with numerous publishers to look at, Joyce.
Perhaps one of them might be interested in your work? I wish you'd swallow your pride and self publish, though, because "Being Bompsy Carleffa" sounds terrific! Best of luck in seeing your wish fulfilled. :-)

Talya Tate Boerner said...

They all sounds great to me:))) "I can't help it, every time I write, funny pops out." hahaha. Love this!

I started my first book in junior high - more of a mean girl slam written with my bestest mean girl friend - never meant to be published.
I started my second book in high school - sort of a Ewing family drama set in Memphis - never finished and horribly cheesy.
I started my third book about 6 months ago. I SHALL finish my first rough draft by 11-01-13. (I hope.) I have also been working on a book of prose which is coming right along.

Love your blog! Talya

Matt Harvath said...

Happy 2013 and good luck! Make your wishes come true. I am in the same boat. 10 years...I have been writing for about 7 so I should only have 3 more!!! Take care and keep writing!

Brenda Stevens said...

you are an amazing writer...WOMAN. Funny have no desire to write a novel...maybe because i don't read them :0) nope. I read alot of "business" college needed reading..many medical book...and today its all spiritual...and again...what am i producing PICTURES voice is in nature i guess..

KUDOS my friend..its an honor to know you...

Jo said...

No doubt in my mind you can make that happen. It's one of those things you either want to wish for or you want to HAVE it. If you want it, go get it. There are thousands of publishers and one of them wants your work. Find them!