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Thursday, April 18, 2013

#AtoZ: P is for Paddling

A Mississippi mother sued because her twelve-year-old son was paddled at school for disrespect. After sighting a small bruise on her poor baby's buttocks, she wanted justice for "child abuse." Here's a link: Mid South Mother Seeks Answers.

Lisa McDonald, the student's mother
If my child had gotten paddled for misbehavior, I'd be livid too . . .  at my kid. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a bible-toting-spare-the-rod southerner. In fact, I've raised three good kids without spanking any of them, butt (I mean but), if my child was so disrespectful that an adult had to hit him with a board, I wouldn't broadcast my poor parenting on the news.

Maybe someone needed to beat him. In fact, I bet his underpaid teacher was the abused person. Plus, the article never told exactly what the kid did. He could have taught a kid from a foreign country how to speak English. I've seen middle schoolers do that. 

"See the PE teacher. His name is Mr. Butt Face." 

Or maybe the juvenile delinquent blew up a toilet, spilled oil on the floor, or put stink bugs in the cafeteria. The shoddy news reporters left out the best part of the story. 

What do you think the kid did to get paddled in Mississippi?


stevebethere said...


Catch My Words said...

I'd be paddling all day if teachers paddled for that.

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

I remember our principal walked the halls with his long wooden paddle and that's all it took (for the most part) to keep us in line. I don't know how we got to this point as a society, but a little paddling goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, the parents roaring down to the school to complain are inevitably the ones getting furious a few years later when classes are in such an uproar that no learning is achieved at all. And they NEVER see the connection.

S. L. Hennessy said...

I've got to say, I don't agree with hitting someone else's kid. But I really think this got blown out of proportion. It's pretty ridiculous.

Happy A to Z blogging.

Judy said...

So many kids are out of control these days. My husband is an elementary school counselor and sees a lot. Paddling? Hmm, I'm not sure. But children need to learn respect and they need to learn proper behavior for sure! New follower here from A to Z

Unknown said...

It would be nice to know the whole story before passing judgment on that one. Some of the kids in this world could use a little more discipline in their lives but sure someone at a school has the right to hand it out.


Catch My Words said...

Oh, I totally agree, Kathy. I was just having my usual fun as a humor blogger.

Rhonda Albom said...

I thought I recognized an underlying tone of sarcasm in you post. I did find the article interesting in that it was the doctor who told the mother to get a lawyer. Now that my kids are in the school system, I can only hope they get teachers like you for all their classes.

c.b. said...

Quite frankly, discipline in most schools has become more a joke than actual punishment for doing wrong. Perhaps that's why there is so much disrespect towards teachers and peers alike. I don't know that a public school has the right to corporally punish a child, but I think they should be able discipline kids in a way that reminds there are real (and uncomfortable) consequences to breaking the rules.

Thanks for a thought provoking post!

Happy A to Zing!

Happy A to Zing! :-)

Binky said...

I guess it could go both ways. Certainly many kids could use a lot more respect.

Anonymous said...

My hubby was raised a SDA; Seventh Day Adventist. Their school had paddling; when he was a teacher within the SDA format; Paddling was allowed. I think this is the ONLY one left that has this! A parent would know...and it reminds me of memories spoken from my parents upbringing in Catholic school system with Nuns and rulers...and your post makes me smile. I'll never forget the time my sis let loose a whole bunch of crickets in her science class. I STILL crack up thinking about it. No one ratted her out and she wasn't disciplined. Kids WILL be kids..hopefully teachers will discern the difference. It's a special calling to be a teacher in today's classroom. As we know oh to well...(thoughts of Newtown) And we Paddle on this stream called life

Kristen said...

Maybe he pulled a prank on a teacher, like placing a whoopee cushion on her chair.

#atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: