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Friday, June 14, 2013

#GBE2: What if?

What if after your neighbor had trouble budgeting his household and his kids earned failing grades in school, he filed bankruptcy and moved in with you?

What if having a much larger family, he used a majority rules system?

What if he fired your wonderful maid and hired his person?

What if although your son is an A student, he kicked him out of the house and moved his five son's into his old room?

What if he made so many demands that the head of the family, who had received awards for his skills, got fed up and left?

What if many other family members, including Aunt Martha who worked to make the neighbors feel at home, got kicked out of the household, too?

What if they prevented you from getting your August 2 paycheck?

Sounds unbelievable?

What if Memphis City Schools, a failing district, gave up their charter and forced Shelby County Schools to consolidate with them.

It's not as unbelievable as one thinks.


Jo said...

Isn't it the same as immigration unchecked? Unregulated?

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I'll be the first to jump on that bandwagon - our government (public) schools are inept, overrun with regulations, teaching to the test, not inspiring students to think for themselves, and undermining the family.
Have I ranted enough, yet?
I used to teach. Thank God, I got out when I did! However, my heart breaks for all those who truly want to help and guide children, but who are being met with roadblocks and blockheads at every turn.
Okay, Martha, breathe . . .

Catch My Words said...

I don't see immigrants telling ME how to run MY house.

Unknown said...

What if indeed.


Catch My Words said...

I beg to differ, Martha. We had an A+ school district that performed exceptionally well. You can't judge all public schools by the failing ones. Some are fabulous. I get tired of people calling our public school inept just because some schools are. Our students are being asked to think for themselves a lot more than I ever had to do as a child. Plus, private school parents are shocked to learn how much more difficult our school is than their child's previous private school. This is in NO WAY my bandwagon. My problem is us being railroaded by a neighboring district that was not wonderful like ours. What ever stereotypes you may have about schools just aren't so.

shelly said...

Oh boy...

Unknown said...

Good to see someone defending public schools, which need more positive attitudes and attention.

Rhonda Albom said...

Wow Joyce, sounds like things are getting difficult over there. Your schools are lucky to have you out there fighting for them.

Sandra Tyler said...

the what ifs in life keep me up all night, lead me to Mommy Time Out wine and picking my toenails.

Lucy said...

I am going to assume the Charter school failed, which means the public school must educate those kids because in the United States we offer 'free' education. (I lack knowledge about Charter schools.) What many Americans don't realize or often forget,is our education is not really free it is payed for by our tax dollars but anyway, when a charter school fails I am going to assume the actual public school must take those students.

We are blessed to have several wonderful school districts in our neck of the woods and our kids went to top notch public schools. I have to admit,that unfortunately, there are some not so great public schools too and yet I know many students that still succeeded after attending those schools.

I hope in the end it works out for the students and the teachers in the above situation but what is sad is our country is failing in our education system and we seem to be at a lost as to how to fix it. Money is not just the answer, there are many variables and this is a huge problem in the United States and worse,one that we tend to continue to just sweep under the carpet. Hoping it will go away.
I feel for teachers and I so wish my daughter would not become one but I bite my tongue and let her dream, it was my dream many years ago and I have to let her take her own path too :)

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

Unknown said...

Sorry that your school district is going to have to merge with a failing district - is it definite or one of those still up-in-the air things? I hope it all works out in the best manner for you as an educator and for all of the students and families involved!!!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea. I just looked through Google. I've seen schools merging, and have been in the middle of that myself, but not county districts merging.

Definitely unfair.

Catch My Words said...

Not a correct assumption. This is a huge school district that gave up their charter and forced consolidation thus making us the 12th largest district in the country. County residents received no say in the matter before or now. Everything we love about our schools has been high-jacked to follow the city's way. Very little has changed for the city, but everything is changing for us. It's not for the better, either. Ironically, we were the "A" district while they were the failing one, so why is everything now being done their way? Because they have a much larger voting block--but wait a minute, these are the same people who ran their district into the ground! Newest agenda, getting rid of extra credits for honors, AP, and IB coursework.

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh man, this sounds totally unfair.

Dances With Vodka said...

Scary to know this can happen! Keep fighting for what's right! They will only make things worse if they don't fix their own problems, and learn from their mistakes.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I was a teacher. I left. The system wore me down.