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Sunday, June 2, 2013

True Story -- Tee Hee

Hey, my young Google Plus friends: This one's for you.
If you're still reading my blog, you may see yourselves. Love you, guys!

Dylan leaped for Tim's pass, but the football sailed over his head and into Mrs. Crowder's rose bushes. As the boys stared at the petals covering their football, Joyce, Tim's little sister chuckled. 

"Now you're in trouble!" She gave a wide grin which stretched all the way to her beautiful eyes.

"Mrs. Crowder will never know," Tim said. "We'll glue the petals back on the buds."

Dylan chuckled. "Tim! That's ridiculous. Didn't Mrs. Lansky teach you anything in APEX class? You can't glue petals back on flowers."

"Watch me," he said while running toward his house.

Dylan didn't mind Tim leaving him with Joyce. After all, she was the cutest girl in Chinese school, and he loved it when Mrs. Lansky had seated them together in APEX class. He grinned at Joyce, and then clambered through the bushes to snatch the football from its rose garden prison. To his left, Dylan spotted a beautiful blossom and picked it for Joyce.

"Here you go." Right as Dylan gave the rose to his girlfriend, Tim came charging back while clutching a bottle of super glue. 

"You have the petals?" He asked.

Dylan pointed to a patch on the ground and watched Tim squeeze tiny droplets onto the end of three petals. The blossoms easily slid into place as if never disturbed. "You were saying?" Tim said. 

"Ingenious." Dylan had to agree, the roses looked okay.

When Tim's back was turned, Joyce superglued three silky red petals to each other and then put a huge glob on the back of the stack.

So now you know why Tim is still holding the petals the first day of seventh grade.

Authors note: Dylan and Joyce are not boyfriend and girlfriend because fifth graders are much too young for that. Plus, Joyce is not the devious type, nor would her smart brother fall for this stunt. I just like to mess with them.  Are we good now?


Kajal Kapur said...

Ha! Such a cute can be so ingenious and adorable when they come up with such simple solutions to issues we find 'problems'. Good one.

mail4rosey said...

Gluing petals really should be done at my place, it would keep my flowers looking alive longer than a day. :)

Gluing petals to hands should never ever ever be done... unless it's as a prank on one's sibling. :D

Grace Grits and Gardening said...

Very cute story:)

Sandee said...

I love this Joyce. Too funny and kids are ingenious and then some.

Have a terrific Silly Sunday. :)

Susan Scott said...

lovely Sunday smile thank you! Clever Mrs Lansky whether a true story or not ... I think it's true.

Unknown said...

I enjoy your storytelling!! One day the right person is going to read your work and see how great it is!!

Bee Halton said...

Hello Joyce thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your story made me smile and gave me a little bit of happiness back after a super stressful work day. Thanks a lot! Bee

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Very cute and entertaining, Joyce! Thanks for sharing!

Catch My Words said...

It's pure fiction; however, the kids are former students who made the mistake of following me on google plus. Dylan will have a fit, when he reads that I called Joyce his "girl friend!" Kind of cool having had a student with my name. After twenty-seven years of teaching, she's my only Joyce.

Masshole Mommy said...

Some kids are very creative :)

Lisa Newlin said... just gave me a good idea. I always have fresh flowers on my dining room table. It's one of those things I love to have.

But they die so quickly, so maybe I will take Tim and Joyce's suggestion. If it worked on the neighbor's rose bush, it can work for me.

Hee hee...bush.

Lucy said...

Too cute, love fun little stories :)

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

Jim said...

Super Glue works wonders for romance!!!
To the rescue again. I would never
have thought of gluing the petals.
Do you know if it really works?

Suzy said...

A fun story - what an ingenious idea and a clever tale.

Binky said...

Super glue and duct tape can work wonders.

Anonymous said...

Oh My that is some story. Fiction or otherwise. :)

Rhonda Albom said...

Adorable story, and that Mrs. Lansky sounds like a brilliant teacher. Lucky kids.

Anonymous said...

Ah, big heart, sticky fingers. Too cute.

Bhavya N said...

Aww... that is such a cute lil story :) :)