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Friday, June 7, 2013

Treading the Off Beaten Path: The Waiter


I once saw someone tread 
          off the beaten path.             

While Rhonda and I sat in a Boston restaurant waiting for our server, I noticed a spot on my fork. I told the cute, young waiter about my spot, and he fell into a hysterical routine.

"Spot on fork! Spot on fork! We must have happy customers." This goofball grabbed my fork, spoon, and knife as well as Rhonda's set. Next, he cleared the salt, pepper, and any other condiments off the table, and the table cloth.

"We must have happy customers," he chanted while charging across the room. Within moments, the waiter returned, spread a fresh table cloth over the wood, returned condiments, and reset our entire table.

"Spot on fork! Spot on fork! We must have happy customers." 

I don't know if I ever laughed so hard or gave such a generous tip. Rhonda has recorded travel adventures across the world at Laugh Quotes, but I don't think she's ever found another waiter like this one.


Michelle Liew said...

Now this is a waiter with the right spirit! Thanks for linking up Joyce, and am sharing this too.

Lucy said...

Oh, my gosh, now that is quite a reaction and sounds like he did it in a fun manner :)

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

shelly said...

Wow! Was this in NYC? Customer service is stellar there.

Hugs and chocolate.

Unknown said...

That is hilarious!!! What a fun little waiter!

Unknown said...

Well done waiter, he should open a training school.:)

stevebethere said...

LMAO he sounded like summit out of Monty Python pure hyper

Have a spot on fork free day :-)

Masshole Mommy said...

I'm not surprise, we're pretty awesome up here in Boston.

Rhonda Albom said...

We have so many fun memories together. I hadn't thought about this one in years. Thanks for the re-laughs :)

Anonymous said...

What fun. I've never encountered a server like this.

Binky said...

I wonder what he would have done if you told him there was a fly in your soup?

Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahaha. A bit of overkill but I would have cracked up too.

Have a terrific Silly Sunday. ☺

Jim said...

I like this, Joyce. You poor souls, I bet at first you were highly embarassed. It reminds me of Mark Twain's Punch Brothers, Punch which I first read in an old Houston (Texas) Public Library saved copy of the Houston Post.

I think it was in a 1910's era Post if I remember correctly. Note that it was published earlier under another name:
""A Literary Nightmare" is a short story written by Mark Twain in 1876. The story is about Twain's encounter with a virus-like jingle, and how it occupies his mind for several days until he manages to "infect" another person, thus removing the jingle from his mind. The story was also later published under the name "Punch, Brothers, Punch!""

The words:

Mary Hill said...

Funny. I haven't run into a waiter like this one ever. Although I have a special memory with my niece involving a nice waiter. I had just had a major turn in my life and 0-needed cheer; so I take out my 10-year-old niece to Ruby Tuesday's. We acted really immature in the restuarant and made a mess, but it was a great afternoon of laughter. I left the poor waiter a $10 tip. :)

Thanks you for sharing your funny story and reminding me of another great time. ;)

Lisa Newlin said...

That kind of stuff cracks me up too! That waiter sounds awesome and I'm glad you gave him a good tip. I would have done the same thing! :-)

Lisa Newlin said...

When I read that, I read it in my head as the waiter screaming "Spot on fork! Spot on fork!"

I wonder what he would have done if there was a spot on your drinking glass too.

Debbie D. said...

Nice to find a waiter with a sense of fun and smart enough to earn a big tip! :-)

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Very funny. Where do they have all these waiters when I go to a restaurant :\