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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Penny For MY Thoughts

We've all heard the old saying, "A penny for your thoughts," but I figured I'd give you some of mine for absolutely nothing.

Beautiful Smelly Planet
Recently, I read that Saturn's moon Titan and Neptune contain methane as their main element. This got me thinking. Doesn't methane smell like farts? Good thing these stinky planets are far from Earth. Then again, with all that's being passed around here, maybe we could grow some beautiful rings around our planet, too.

I looked up methane and farts to see if I was right on my theory. Guess what I learned? There is actually a discipline called flatology or the study of farts. Could you imagine going 
Beautiful Smelly Person
to school to get that education? Imagine if one got a doctorate in flatulence. People study this in med school. I could just see a guy meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time. "Excuse me? You do what for a living?"

I guess it could be worse. I knew a penis doctor who kept specimens in a jar to let his daughter's dates know to behave themselves.

Anyway, back to Neptune. It sure is a beautiful smelly planet. Kind of reminds me of Robert Pattinson--very good looking but known to have horrible body odor. Can you handle it? If not, don't move to Neptune or date The Twilight vampire.

These are my free thoughts. Aren't you glad you stuck around for them?


joeh said...

Very funny!

I have an honorary degree in flatulence.

messymimi said...

Now i'm laughing and thinking about Le Petomane!

Binky said...

Can I have my penny back?

Laika said...

In the country side where we live, it alwasy smells bad when it's spring. Thank goodness we love it :)

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Thanks for the chuckle today, Joyce!

Faythe said...

LOL, stayed on topic until the smell dissipated : )
Have a fun vacation! !
Faythe@ Grammymousetails

Rhonda Albom said...

About 8 or 9 years ago New Zealand was going to tax the farmers based on the number of cattle, for the methane put into the atmosphere. The tax was nick named the fart tax. It didn't pass.

stevebethere said...

After reading that I am off to buy an oxygen mask as the strange thing was I actually farted whilst reading this...wafts wafts

Sprays blog and wishes Joyce a windtastic weekend :-)

Catch My Words said...

TMI, Steve.

mail4rosey said...

Robert Pattinson has bad body odor?!?!?!?! Some rumors you just wish you'd never heard. My daughter will be crushed. ;)

Unknown said...

Love the way your mind rumbles :)

Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahaha. Guess what's going to be stuck in my head today. Yes, farts.

Bwahahahahahahaha on Steve's comment too.

Have a terrific fart-free Silly Sunday. ☺