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Monday, March 19, 2012

#GBE2: The List

This week's GBE2 prompt is to make a list and give it a title. Here's mine.

My Daughter Is On A Cruise

Great Vacations I've Taken This Year


At least my dog hasn't taken a vacation. No joke. I know someone who sent her dog to Texas. I was her Secret Santa years back and wrote her a poem.

          Roses are red,
          Violets are blue,
          Your dog took a vacation 
          instead of you. 

I guess I need to come up with another list. Hmm. 

Ways I've Saved Money This Year

1. No vacations

I give up; this sucks. I just had a week off from work... stayed home. As soon as I opened my classroom door this morning, I had a surprise. The portable was broken into, ransacked, and three computers stolen. I hope those slime balls get a long vacation, in JAIL! :p


Binky said...

Maybe you could take a vacation to the mall or supermarket or something. Buy a coconut and a pineapple and pretend. . .

Jo said...

Now that just stinks. Stupid people who think it's okay or even cool to take things that do not in any way shape or form belong to them! I really hate thieves!!!
I believe you are due for a small vacation. So take one! ♥

Anonymous said...

That happened to one of my teachers in high school, in the evenings the high school used to be the alternative school and one of those students stole a stereo or something or other. Not a good thing to walk into the next day (or week).

Unknown said...

That is awful that someone would steal stuff from a school, or steal at all!! I am with Jo, you need a vacation!! A good long sabbatical!!


pbquig said...

If anyone needs a VACATION, you sound like the one!

danneromero said...


danneromero said...

.....well, except for the break in. that bites!

Amy McMunn said...

That jail picture is the most horrible scene...right now, I don't know where I would want to STEP in there, much less sit...

We don't go anywhere, either. My husband doesn't even use his vacation time. That's so wrong. In my next life, I think I want to be your friend's dog.

Beverly Diehl said...

I used to have (still do, only now I don't have a video player) a videotape of the waves washing up on a beach. One year I decided to take a mini-vacation. Got beach-y scented candles, popped open by big rainbow beach umbrella, laying it on its side in the living room, put on the beach tape, and made myself some yummy drinks with little umbrellas in 'em. Took a beach vacation day in my mind, only without sand in my crevices.

There are ways, and there are ways to take vacations. (So sorry about your break-ins.)