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Thursday, March 8, 2012

#GBE2: Confrontation

When my kids were little and acted up in public, I was quick to tell them that "Aunt Joyce" wasn't going to take them anywhere if they couldn't behave. Now that my kids are grown, they throw the name back at me by calling me Aunt Joyce when I get into my multiple confrontations in front of them.

Even though little girls are taught to be seen and not heard, I must have missed that message because I'm afraid I can be quite confrontational when things don't go my way, which seems to be more frequently since the world abandoned the saying, "The customer is always right." See I Hate Delta Airlines. After much tweeting and bad publicity for that sad excuse for an airline, I got my way–sorta.

Volkswagon is a much smarter company than Delta because they gave into to my demands much sooner after a strip of aluminum siding fell off the inside of my door. The dealership's service department told me they did not sell aluminum strips and I'd have to replace the entire door at the tune of $600+.

I didn't argue with the kind people on Winchester Road but rather dialed directly to headquarters and told them (1) this is unacceptable (2) there is no reason not to sell me a small part (3) I will get my car fixed at a reasonable price, and finally (4) If I don't, I will blog and tweet this story to the world.

At first, I was offered a $200 discount, which would still leave me paying $400+ for a strip of aluminum. I said, "No way!" and the counter offer was on the table the next day. In the end, they replaced my door for free, and I paid a small amount for the price of labor ... about the price of a piece of aluminum.

Although men who act like me are assertive, us women get called less flattering names when we play difficult customer. I don't care and will wear the name with pride, but , err; hopefully, I haven't been too awful.

As a side note, I love my Volkswagon Eos and their service department in Memphis. I would most certainly buy another one.


Jeremy Bates said...

That is one nice ride! I love the style and the color you chose.

Hey, be's not just for men. Charging someone 600 clams is a ridiculous scam.

As for kids acting up in public, this grates on my very last nerve, especially when they are not appropriately disciplined. The perennial whining and begging makes me want to put my foot in someone's tail. lol

Jo said...

You are right and the secret to getting what is fair and right is to plan ahead, before you make the call or pay the visit. Know what you want, know what they are offering (or likely to offer), have a counter offer in mind and stick to your guns.
And you did all of that! :)

Unknown said...

That is one sweet ride!! Good for you for sticking to your guns to get what you want!


Laura Rogers said...

I love this and how you got all you wanted. I have used the blog thing too to my advantage and it works.

revelations said...

Aaaahhh... Lassie you be a girl with spunk and a kindred spirit...I'm like a dog with a bone with that kind of stuff... :)

The Host said...

Isn't it satisfying when your complaints are heard? I love the way it feels!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

You aren't alone. I really hate flying Delta.

unikorna said...

Oh how I love women with your guts, I am a lot wimpier and usually people take advantage...:).

shelly said...

I'm totally unafraid to confront what needs to. That's for sure. The closer I get to fifty, the more confrntational I get.

danneromero said...

oh. cute car!... i've never flown delta.

k~ said...

Love it! The car is beautiful, and your assertive techniques are to be applauded. There is no such thing as gender based commenting (well sort of). If you have a voice, I say use it, it keeps the next 600 dollar strip of aluminum from being shipped off to someone afraid to speak up. Brava Joyce!

Anonymous said...

Sweet wheels!