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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I've seen a lot of "Throwback Thursday" postings on Facebook and wonder why anyone would want to throw their back? I've had a history of back pain and wouldn't wish it on anyone. The first time I experienced back pain was when pushing my toddler son on a swing. I'd push him from behind and then run in front to say "Boo." He'd laugh. I wonder if that would still work at 26? Next time I see him, I'll say, "Boo," and let you know if he laughs. Anyway, while running I felt a sudden back spasm. By the time I hit serious––like surgery serious––back pain that boy was in fifth grade. I busted L5 and had to go under the knife after the third doctor told me I had no choice. 

In 2006, I ran the Memphis Half Marathon and hurt L4. It looked like I was headed for the knife again, but then one of my children's fathers (as in student, my kids only have one daddy), told me about a magic bracelet from Sergio Lub. I put that sucker on and all of my pain disappeared. I didn't even need surgery. Hey, wait a minute. I just did an ad for my bracelet and the Lub Dude didn't even pay me. I guess they owe me. Or maybe I owe them since I haven't had back problems since I started wearing their bracelet. It never comes off because I'm scared I'll brake my back if I remove it.

In conclusion, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR THROWBACK THURSDAY. I don't want to do that again.

Friday, April 5, 2013

#AtoZ : E - Engineers The Dam Kind

There are a lot of great fields to study, but it would be best to be a dam engineer. Dam people earn a lot of money for dam jobs. Plus, dam engineers gain respect for dam work. I bet they even get dam awards. 

Furthermore, dam engineers will help you with your dam property or will construct a dam, unlike others who won't give a dam. Just ask dam scientists for help, and they will draw a dam plan. Plus, they care about dam safety enough to form dam societies. Did you know there are societies for the dam British and the dam Americans?

Unfortunately, sometimes dam construction can interfere with people's lives due to dam flaws; however, I'm sure dam engineers will successfully fix dam problems.