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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Eighth Wonder of the World

As I drove down Poplar Avenue, I noticed red and green lights in the Exxon window which wished me Happy Holidays and flashed a chubby Santa at passing traffic. Maybe "flashed" is the wrong word since St. Nick was fully clothed, thank God, but why was that goofy Christmas icon still waving at me?
Being that it's late March but not quite April Fools Day, I figured this wasn't a joke. So Santa still graced the window for one reason or maybe another. Here are some possibilities:
  •  Exxon wants to spread the Christmas spirit year round. 
     During the Christmas season, people tend to be more generous. Maybe if they leave the lights up, people will think it's still the season of giving and buy more gas, junk food, lottery tickets, or Cokes.

  • The Exxon employees forgot to change the message, don't care about decorations, or never noticed the Christmas message was still up.
      I called Exxon. Miss Gas Queen knew the message was up but as to the reason why, she said, "I have no idea, Baby." Maybe that means they don't care. But then again, she said all the stations have the lights up. So does this mean it's a national con to sell fuel? Yeah, that's it. Or maybe after the BP oil spill knocked down the competition, every day is Christmas at Exxon!

  • Those folks know how to change oil, give tune ups, and maybe even rebuild a motor but they haven't a clue how to work display lights.
       I guess it's possible, but highly unlikely. After all, how complicated could it be? Confuzzle it because maybe . . .      

  • Changing display lights is so frustrating that they decided to never do it again.
      Which brings me to my former neighbor Pat who spent so much time putting up her tree that she swore she'd never take it down again. Five years later it was like, yeah, our house is the one two doors down from the huge Christmas tree in the window.

 So folks, let's just call this the Eighth Wonder of the World!


Ree Vera said...

That is funny! I think I've only seen one Christmasy display up recenlty but that was just an old Rudolph with half his body cut off. Probably an old light fixture nobody ever bothered taking down. This was funny. I can only imagine the reaction you had upon seeing this. Eight wonder of the world it is then :)

Catch My Words said...

Poor Rudolph! Thanks for commenting.

Pearl said...

I hear ya. Ran into a sign yesterday that said "Jesus is the reason for the season". Really? Gonna leave that up all year, are you? It's April in a couple days! Oh, waiit -- is this phrase extended to Easter as well?


Brooke Amanda said...

My mom must work for Exxon because she STILL has various Christmas decorations up around her house. Drives me crazy!

Greg said...

Ah the Christmas season..a time of giving and gas price gouging..

Haley said...

I think it all comes from the school of, "We're EXXON and we can do whatever we F-ing want" :)

Anonymous said...

I have a neighbor who had Happy Halloween pasted in her window in 1996. Now it's 2011 and it only says Happy. The Halloween left somewhere between 2001 and 2004.