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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mom Taught Me How to Laugh

Honeymoon, 1949
On March 27, 2002, I accompanied my son to Italy for a soccer tournament. In the middle of the night, an odd alarm that we hadn't set woke us up with a single beep. I call it a good bye because early the next morning, our phone rang to tell us that my mother had unexpectedly died late that past night. Although she'd been sick, she was getting better, and no one expected a heart attack to steal my beautiful and witty mother away from this world after only 75 years of life. So, in memory of my mother, I dedicate today's post to her because her sense of humor helped to make me who I am today.

During my grade school years, my mother would often become frazzled by her "friend" Five by Five, as Mom called her. Mrs. Five by Five, five feet tall and five feet wide, had a homely daughter who she swore looked just like me. My mother's mama claws would flare as she'd spit out how I was so much prettier than the daughter of five by five.
Mama Claws

I must not have been too terribly ugly because a few years after that a carload of boys stopped next to us and cat called from my passenger side window. At least I think they were hooting at me, but maybe not. For my mother hoisted her left hand into the air and yelled, "I'm married!"

"Darn it!" The boys promptly said.
Florence Paull
 Mom didn't lose her humor with age, nor did she lose her ability to spit out anyone's birthday after hearing it once. In her wheelchair, she sat in the middle of the dance floor at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah party. Goofy neon necklaces covered her head and neck but she didn't bother to remove them like most elderly people would have done. Yeah, that was Mom. She was also the lady who taught my kids how to shoot straws out of paper so they could misbehave in restaurants.

I miss you, Mom, even though I sometimes sense you telling me to be careful not to trip over broken sidewalks or other messages straight from you. Are you still here or was that one bleep of the alarm your final salute? None the less, today is the anniversary of your death, so here's to you. Did you know my mom? If so, what do you remember about her?


misskriss said...

In a few days it will be my Dads one year. I'm sorry for your loss but what a wonderful ability to look back and see all the amazing things your Mom was and did! Obviously she has passed on her witty sense of humor to you! Love this post!

Joyce Lansky said...

Thanks MissKriss! It's been nine years, but one never stops missing a parent. Good luck with your dad's one year. It will be a tough day, but you'll get through it, and each year will be a little better.

Ree Vera said...

I'm sorry about your mom but this post was sweet and something I would remember my mother like as well. She is the type who teaches naughty things to my five year old. I think it's my mother's way of keeping me on my toes. Or maybe it's payback for the trouble I caused as a child. :) Loved this very much! Thanks for sharing.

Joyce Lansky said...

Grandparents can teach them naughty tricks then hand them back--no consequences. You're sunk!

Flavia Andrews said...

Hi Joyce! I'm sorry you lost your mom, and so young too! I dread the day my mom's got to go...My mother in law passed a year ago, I only met her for 4 years but we had a great great that I was the only person by her bed the minute she passed, holding her hand...and it still hurts very bad...especially because she didn't get to meet my little boy that looks just like her first little boy...But,there's something she taught me and it might sound silly but whenever my husband talks nonsense -just like my father-in-law does- I look at him like my mother-in-law use to look at her husband and then look away....It's a nice way of saying "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
It's always better to remember them by the funny things they taught us!
your newest follower
One Cute Nursery

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful woman. She will always be with you in your heart. Hope this helps to move her back up to her #1 spot in your popular posts!