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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lunar War?

When I heard about two news stories covering papers and televisions this week-end, I wondered if they were somehow related. I'm referring to the enormous size of our moon that is closer than it's been in nineteen years and the Allies striking hard at Gadhafi. Two seemingly unrelated stories, but maybe not.

Last night a bright and enormous moon shown unlike anything observed in the past nineteen years. It was a Bruce Almighty moon without the Hollywood special effects. As I gazed at that moon, I wondered, how many cranky women menstruated a week early? The moon historically has a way of bringing out "lunacy" in the world and creating "lunatics."

Which brings us to the headline news. A disturbing headline, Allies strike hard and a photo of a plane on fire, covered most of the Commercial Appeal's front page. It appears that during the phase of this gigantic full moon French planes attacked ground forces in Libya while Britain and the U.S. fired 112 missiles at air defenses. Albeit, it's clearly Gadhafi's fault as he defied UN orders, but is there lunacy in the start of yet another military offensive?

What causes humans to act like lunatics? So out of curiosity, I googled "1992" + "war." This was the last time our moon shown so bright. Sure enough, the page was covered in historical wars. Early in 1992, civil wars erupted in Bosnia and Georgia; Kabul was at war as was Transnistria; and of course our American Gulf War.

Was all this coincidence or does the moon affect us more than we like to believe? Hmm.


Anonymous said...

I also kind of wondered how many women gave birth early! Our moon was hidden last night, but last month's was almost as big, and gorgeous, and golden!

Thanks for clicking on my sites. I'll follow you. There is a follow button in addition to a subscribe button on my blog, but unfortunately, frequently Blogger and Wordpress do not like one another! I started out with Blogger, but moved to WordPress last September. My readership has tripled, at least, and I find the site much more amiable to comments from almost all hosting sites.

You are not required, BTW to critique my peoms, just read and enjoy or not. . .:-D But I do understand, and no problem!

Catch My Words said...

Thanks, Paula!

Rhonda (Pukeko) said...

It was quite overcast here, so the moon was not as spectacular as you describe. But you have an interesting idea here. Now how are you going to get the world leaders to hold off on a big full moon?

Catch My Words said...

Distract them by catapulting green cheese into the night sky.