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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Broken TV - Go Fish

If you were to replace the most expensive item in your house, what would it be? For us, it's that sixty inch mega giant television in our family room that has just bit the dust. We saw its demise coming with its occasional popping sound before the screen would go blank.

We interrupt this program for an important news announcement **POP** 
Detective, we've just figured out who killed Isadore, it was **POP**

Now everytime we turn on the TV, we hear one jar of mus- **POP** or guilt- **POP** In other words, the television broke, and we will be broke too once we purchase a new one. If you've TV shopped recently, you understand this concept.

Last night, we ventured into Best Buys and found a very helpful and very pieced saleslady. Okay, I exaggerate, but she did have the rod through the cartridge, a knob on the tongue, and a few empty holes that probably no one but the earring Nazi (me) noticed. The store walls were covered with flat screens, Plasmas, High Def, LED, 3D, and of course the bibbity-bobbity-boo-I-don't-know-what-to-do type. Long gone are the days of just picking up a box.

Now with a new TV comes the question of what to do with the old one. After all, this gigantic piece stands to my chin but thank God, it's much wider. Erica, my beautiful and brilliant youngest child wants to turn the television box into a gigantic fish tank! We'd clean out the insides, fill it with water, and have sixty inches of aquarium.

Interesting idea because this is not the first time this box has held life. Years ago, a brown recluse got trapped behind the glass. We enjoyed watching her crawl over the face of the annoying Head On lady with her repetitive commercial designed to give us a headache so we'd buy her product. Finally, our friend turned to dust and we can still see her shriveled corpse on the bottom ledge. *sniff*

Interesting idea about the fish, Erica, but no. Instead, I've placed a fun fish tank at the bottom of this blog. Move the arrow, and my fish will follow. Click the mouse and food will drop! Have fun kiddies, and we're off to look at more high tech TVs.


Rita Monette, Writer said...

At least the new TVs are thinner and you can even hang them on the wall. And they might even be harder for a spider to crawl into. I hope anyway.

Catch My Words said...

Today we bought a TV that can't be hung on the wall--we weren't planning to hang it anyway. With a slight bump in the back, you can get a lot more screen space for cheaper. 65 amazing inches worth!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Wow, I think my husband's treasure is only 50 inches, and that takes up half the living room wall. He wanted it above the fireplace, but I talked him into a cabinet.

Catch My Words said...

Fifteen years ago we bought the 60 inch. When we first brought it home we thought it was ridiculous. Now that we're used to it, we didn't want to go smaller. Imagine that?

Unknown said...

My husband scratched ours while putting the Christmas tree away... but it still works great!

Crazy Mommy said...

I'm still waiting for my 'raptors to destroy our 42" flat screen. I take that back. They always manage to leave the TV on a screen that manages to burn in. Why do kids have to ruin EVERYTHING!?

Catch My Words said...

We can't blame the kids for this one, unless too much time in front of the TV counts. That TV had endured for fifteen years.