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Friday, April 20, 2012

#AtoZ : Running in Place

At my school, us teachers are involved in a step counting competition. We each wear a step counter all day every day and try to up our mileage by running in place or any other something we can do. Although my team's current position is pathetic, we keep trying.

What's been especially fun is the multitude of junior personal trainers I've found sitting in my classes. On Tuesday, a group of boys at recess said, "Come on Ms. Lansky, run in place."

I said, "I will if you will."

They gave their okay and easily ran in place while playing four square at the same time. Never, ever, challenge a kid in a fitness contest. You will lose every time!

Last Friday was also fun as I headed around the playground with a small group of fourth graders. We sang walking in Memphis. What else would we sing in this city?

Too bad my step counter keeps turning off or not counting steps sometimes. It hasn't worked as well since I dropped it in the toilet.


shelly said...

Well, you're not supposed to drop certain things in the toilet. It's an exclusive place for other things....

Sandra Tyler said...

You sound like a super fun teacher!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

You live in Memphis? Lucky woman! And doesn't it make sense we drop important things in the toilet. >> shaking my head in recognition << My son has been able to outrun me since he was around.... 8 years old! Now that he is 11 it is nutty!!

Thanks for such a FUN! read! Keep running/walking/adding to your numbers!

Julie Jordan Scott
Fellow A to Z Challenge Writer
twitter: @juliejordanscot
R is for Rosmarie
On a Mission to Spread Word-Love Throughout the World

Marquita Hockaday said...

LOL- yeah, toilet water will do that to an electronic device. This sounds like an awesome incentive! My county does something called "Got Fitness". All of us teachers from various schools compete to see who can log the most fitness or athletic hours. The school that wins each year is presented with a plaque that praises their efforts. The competition is fun, but I think having an in school competition is even more fun!

Good luck and I hope your team ups the ante :D

k~ said...

laughing yeah, I can imagine they would win each time! Too much fun, I bet they enjoy you in class though.

Unknown said...

You got to watch what you drop in the toilet!! I wish I would have had a teacher like you.


Jess said...

Lol! That's too bad about dropping it into the toilet!! Great R word :)

Nice to meet you!!

Jo said...

Love that you are doing that and involving the kids! Stick your counter in a bowl of rice over night, it might work. There might still be some moisture inside and the rice will draw it out. Couldn't hurt, right?

Jocelyn Rish said...

My mom has been wearing one of those step counters trying to up her "mileage." Maybe I should wear one too to make it a competition and get us both moving more. I will warn her to be careful around toilets though.

Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,

eastcoastlife said...

You are one fun teacher I could learn from. I should get step counters and challenge my colleagues in school to a running competition. They should move more since they are retired teachers teaching part-time. :P

Anonymous said...

I need to get one of them.

Paula Martin said...

LOL, great post! Except electronics and toilets don't go well together!

Sonia Lal said...

lol toilet water will do that to a device!

Sonia Lal, R is for Reading, @ Story Treasury

Jenn said...

Bahahahahaha... Yeah those darn toilets!!

Cheers, Jenn